Friday, August 6, 2010

Location, Location, Location

Marissa and I love the annual RWA conference because it gives us an excuse to get together. You see, she lives on the East Coast, and I live on the West Coast. Location was important during the nineteenth century too--it affected what you grew up to do, who you could marry, and how you'd live out your life. Here's a fun post from March 2008, after my most recent trip to England, about some prime locations in Bath. Enjoy!

Imagine your family has decided to relocate to Bath before the Season (so it’s late winter, early spring). Your mother is certain taking the waters will return the bloom to her cheeks. Your father wants to sit around commiserating with his wealthy peers about the frightful state of hunting last year. Your older sister is angling to renew the acquaintance of a dapper half-pay officer she met last Season. And you’d like a little time to scope out the Eligibles before joining these handsome gentlemen in London after Easter.

Where do you stay? Take the following quiz and find out!

A. The house is immaterial. You’re here to party! You’d like a decent house in a reasonably fashionable location, as close as possible to the fabulous shopping, festive assembly rooms, and crowded Pump Room. You intend to be busy, busy, busy while in Bath. You only need a place to sleep and eat, that is, when you haven’t been invited to some fabulous ball or other social event. If this is you, you’d be likely to pick this prime location.

B. You want an oasis away from the hustle and bustle. Yes, it would be nice to be in walking distance to the assembly rooms, but closer to the gardens of Sydney Park would be even more delightful, as would wandering the many hills surrounding Bath. Shopping is fine, as is a nice coz with a good friend. If this is you, you’d be likely to pick this fashionable spot.

C. You prefer that your family home, even a rented one, reflect your impeccable tastes. You intend to invite friends new and old to tea in your lovely garden, to literary events in your spacious library, to dinner in your elegant dining room. You prefer something solid, comfortable, distinguished, a cut above all that riff raff farther down the hill. If this is you, you’d be likely to pick this venerable neighborhood.

D. You want your home to make a statement about your prestige, your position in Society. You may be going to Bath, but you fully expect the rest of Bath to come to you. Your family has achieved the pinnacle of Society, and that must be reflected in where you stay. If this is you, you’d be likely to pick this famous sweep of property.

So, where are you staying? Complete our version of Bath’s famous arrival’s book by leaving a comment and let us know! Me? I’m definitely a B.


Rachel said...

LOL I picked C. As long as the library in my house is large, I'll stay ^___^

I was in Bath a couple of years ago when I was in England for grad studies. Bath is a gorgeous city! I loved the Crescent ;)

ShanaGalen said...

I'm definitely a B, but wouldn't it be fun to be an A!

Regina Scott said...

Rachel, I hear you on the library. We bought a set of six-foot bookcases a few years ago, and they are groaning! And Shana, there's a little bit of the party girl in me too. :-)

Anonymous said...

Ohhh its hard to deside between B and C... but I think I would be a B