Friday, September 14, 2012

Nineteenteen’s Fifth Birthday Ball: A Nice Coze and One Last Dance

Goodness, but I think I’ve worn a hole in my slipper! I haven’t danced this much in ages (okay, at least since the Harlequin party in July). Supper was most congenial, and I didn’t even spill syllabub on my gown (my gowns seem to have as much an affinity for syllabub as I do!). The musicians are taking a well deserved break, so we have an opportunity to chat before the final set begins.

I must tell you some lovely things happening soon on Nineteenteen. The delightful Cara King, whom many of you know from her witty comments on our blog, has agreed to join us for a new adventure, the Young Bluestockings Attend the Cinema. Oh, the cinema? It’s like the theatre only the players are on little moving pictures. Terribly forward-thinking, but then we do tend to live dangerously here at Nineteenteen. What you may not know is that Lady Cara is quite educated in the theatre arts and has been known to tread the boards herself. Shocking, I know. Marissa and I are quite looking forward to her first post later this month, on the 25th. I’m sure she’ll acquaint us with the idea further then.

Marissa is also working on a few new authors to introduce to you as well as more on dits about the royal household. And I will be finishing up our Grand Tour before moving on to some rather dashing young scientists you must meet.

But I should not be doing all the talking! We have noticed that you’ve been quiet lately. We hope that’s simply because you are so delighted with our brilliant ramblings. We do like to hear from you. We recently removed those pesky conventions that hindered commenting. So, if you have suggestions on things you’d like to see us discuss in the coming year, please share.

Ah, here come the musicians. I do believe that’s the Sir Roger De Coverly I hear. That is the traditional final dance at many balls. Join me for one last dance, and then good night, my dears, good night!


QNPoohBear said...

I shall join you for this last dance and then I must get some beauty sleep. Tomorrow it is back to my usual scholarly pursuits. I wish you well in your study of this cinema thing.

Regina Scott said...

Thank you, my dear! But dare I say that YOU need no beauty sleep, being quite beautiful indeed!

So glad you could join us!

Cara King said...

Your Sir Roger clip is from the Jane Austen Ball that I attend every year! Which means I know a lot of people in the video. Such fun!

Speaking of which, in just a couple hours I'm off to a dance practice for another ball, the local Playford Ball. I just can't get enough English country dance...

Oh, and I just thanks my hostesses for such a delightful party! A lovely ball, with everyone very cordial and welcoming.

Speaking of Sir Roger, here's some Dickens, courtesy of Gutenberg:

There were more dances, and there were forfeits, and more dances, and there was cake, and there was negus, and there was a great piece of Cold Roast, and there was a great piece of Cold Boiled, and there were mince-pies, and plenty of beer. But the great effect of the evening came after the Roast and Boiled, when the fiddler (an artful dog, mind! The sort of man who knew his business better than you or I could have told it him!) struck up “Sir Roger de Coverley.” Then old Fezziwig stood out to dance with Mrs. Fezziwig. Top couple, too; with a good stiff piece of work cut out for them; three or four and twenty pair of partners; people who were not to be trifled with; people who would dance, and had no notion of walking.

Cara King said...

And of course, when I said "I just thanks my hostesses," I meant to say "I must thank my hostesses." Or perhaps "I would just like to thank my hostesses." (This typing thing is such a modern invention that it confuses me!)

And I'd also like to thank you for the new ease in commenting! I was never good at figuring out those strange words... :-)

Regina Scott said...

You're quite welcome, Cara! I'm very envious of you that you have so many chances to dance so close to you!