Friday, June 17, 2011

My Brother, the Irresistible Earl

We are pleased today to have with us Lady Phoebe Dearborn, younger sister of Chase Dearborn, Lord Allyndale, the so-called Irresistible Earl. Like her brother, Lady Phoebe was born in Yorkshire, on the edge of what today is the North York Moors National Park. She was raised at home on their family estate and, at nineteen, has just completed her first Season in London. Welcome, Lady Phoebe.

LP: Thank you so much for having me.

19 Teen: So how did you enjoy the Season?

LP: Oh, it was marvelous! All the balls, all the shopping! I was having a wonderful time until my brother cut it off short.

19 Teen: Why was that?

LP: Well, let’s just say that a certain gentleman caused trouble, and my brother thought I would be better off somewhere else.

19 Teen: So you went to Scarborough. That seems like a strange spot for someone who prides herself on being fashionable.

LP: Well, I actually suggested Scarborough, after I learned that’s where. . . um, that’s where Chase would prefer to be. Of course. He’s a bit strong on tradition, my brother. He says Scarborough is perfect because it’s full of company in the summer but close enough to home that he can pop off to the estate for the day and see to his affairs. He’s also strong on doing his duty.

19 Teen: He sounds a bit bossy.

LP: He’s terribly bossy! I suppose that’s because I’m more than ten years younger than he is. Our father died when he was only twelve, and he had to take on responsibility for me, Mother, the estate, and all our tenants. But he seems to have forgotten that I’m quite grown up now. I don’t need him to make my decisions for me.

19 Teen: Certainly not. Have you had luck convincing him of that?

LP: SIGH. Not as much as I’d like. But I have great hopes. He’s changed since he met Meredee Price. She’s had quite the civilizing influence on him.

19 Teen: Didn’t I hear you met Meredee under interesting circumstances?

LP: She saved my life! I had gone out to bathe in the waters on Scarborough Bay. You see, if you go to Scarborough, you must do two things: drink the waters and dip in the sea. It’s supposed to be good for your health. Only I slipped coming out of my bathing machine and went under. If Meredee hadn’t come along, I don’t know what I’d have done!

19 Teen: I imagine your brother was very thankful for her intervention.

LP: Very! He invited her to dinner the very next night. And then he decided to help her hunt for seashells. You see what an influence she’s had? Who would ever have thought of Chase hunting shells!

19 Teen: If he’s so strict, how did he get the nickname of the irresistible earl?

LP: You all have a saying, I believe: “Resistance is futile.” That’s pretty much Chase. But he does strike a commanding figure. I’ve heard ladies sigh when he passes. Even Meredee was smitten. I could tell. All my plans are working out perfectly.

19 Teen: Your plans?

LP: Oh, just a manner of speaking.

19 Teen: But you do have other plans for your time in Scarborough.

LP: I certainly do. But I am not at liberty to divulge them.

19 Teen: Oh, come now. Surely you can tell us.

LP: Well. . . [Glances both ways and lowers voice.] I do have hopes of attracting the attentions of a certain gentleman. But you mustn’t tell Meredee; she might think less of me. And please don’t tell Chase. He’d ruin everything.

19 Teen: Goodness, this sounds serious.

LP: I certainly hope so. [smiles]

If you’d like to know more about Lady Phoebe and her irresistible brother, check out The Irresistible Earl from Love Inspired Historical, available now online and in fine stores near you. To learn more, see Regina's website.

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Ladybrinx said...

Oh the suspense :D sounds like a good read!

ettie said...

so intrigued! must get a copy of the book :)

Regina Scott said...

Thanks, Ladybrinx and ettie!

QNPoohBear said...

I have your book sitting on my nightstand in my "to-be-read" pile. I look forward to meeting you Lady Phoebe and your brother, and Mercedee too.

Alyssia said...

LOVED this interview! Sounds like a grand time in Scarborough!

Lady Phoebe Dearborn said...

Why, thank you so much, QNPoohBear. It's delightful to have a story about my life, although I do wish Lady Regina had focused more on my fascinating story and less on my brother.

Regina Scott said...

Thanks, Alyssia! Didn't I just "meet" you on SOSAloha? For our devoted followers--I'm guest blogging today at SOSAloha, the blog site for SOS America – promoting romance books to military families and military issues to romance readers. It's at Stop by and say hi!

Janine Mimi said...

This seriously made me want to read The Irresistible Earl even more! Very nice job, and congrats on the release!

Regina Scott said...

Thanks, Janine! I hope you can get your hands on a copy soon. A good friend scoured our small town last week and couldn't find a single copy. :( Of course, I guess I could look on the bright side--maybe they were all sold out already! LOL

Rachel said...

Love your interview with Phoebe. It definitely makes me want to read the book.

Regina Scott said...

Thanks, Rachel! Nice to see you here again!