Tuesday, April 16, 2024

And Suddenly, We Have a Mail-Order Bride!

Hello, my dears! I’m delighted to report that the first book in my new Frontier Brides series is out! This series is set close to my home, on Hawks Prairie outside of Olympia, Washington, in the mid-1800s. It’s been so much fun to write about places I can go see and walk around! And having a large family in the picture is even more fun!

The charming Jeremy Willets thought writing away for a mail-order bride a wise decision. He just had to find a way to break it to his family. They valued true love, after all. True love wasn’t so easy to find in a frontier territory where men outnumbered the women eight to one. He never expected the woman with whom he was corresponding to show up at the door of his family’s ranch, unannounced and ready for a wedding.

Spunky Caroline Cadhill staked everything on finding a groom as far away from Cincinnati as possible. The letters Jeremy sent her seemed heartfelt and witty. Yet he hadn’t made a commitment. With danger threatening and her brother vanished, her only choice had been to run, right into Jeremy’s arms. Now she isn’t sure which is more dangerous, the men chasing her or the smile of her cowboy would-be groom.

Between a boisterous matchmaking family and a threat from her past, Caroline and Jeremy will have their hands full. But if they persevere, they may find their sudden romance turning into a forever love.

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