Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Nineteenth Century Christmas Wish List, 2022 Edition

So, what might Santa find the lover of the nineteenth century this year? Here’s a few things you might consider putting on your wish list.

Let’s start with something flashy, one of a kind, which will take a chunk of your savings. In fact, these Victorian earrings may be sold by the time you click that link. They are 9ct gold, carnelian with seed pearls. A mere $500.00. 

Need a classy way to keep track of the date? Here’s a calendar you might love. You’ll recognize the fashion print on the cover. It’s what Marissa and I use for the blog. Each month features a lovely fashion plate rendering.


And speaking of Regency fashion, try this Regency fashion coloring book for adults.

Every year there are more wonderful research books on the Regency, but this one caught my eye. It’s by historian Ian Mortimer and promises to include details about everyday life. The Time Traveler’s Guide to RegencyBritain: A Handbook for Visitors to 1789 to 1830, published in April this year, is definitely on my wish list.

These next two are more for fun than anything else. Some enterprising soul has created a candle that promises to smell like Mr. Darcy’s Pemberley! The container alone might be worth the price. Jane Austen would approve of the dry wit.  

If you need some fitness inspiration, this is your T-shirt. Shouldn’t every lady run like Mr. Collins just proposed?

And if you’d like another gift, sign up for Marissa’s newsletter or my newsletter. We offer free exclusive stories to subscribers, and my Christmas story will go out on December 19. Don’t miss out!

This concludes my posts for 2022. See you in 2023!

Tuesday, December 6, 2022

All For In One

December. I am so not ready for December. Are you?

But there’s one thing I am ready for: the second Ladies of Almack’s omnibus! Marquis of Secrets: The Ladies of Almack’s Omnibus No. 2 releases today from Book View Café. It includes the fourth, fifth, and sixth novellas in the series: The Cursed Canvases (who is magically vandalizing the pictures at the Royal Exhibition? When art becomes artillery, the Ladies take notice); Turmoil on the Thames (when the King’s birthday celebration at Eton is crashed by uninvited guests who threaten to eat the students, it’s a good thing that the Ladies of Almack’s are at hand...); and An Event at Epsom (a horse is a horse, of course—or is it? Annabel and the Ladies must attend the races at Epsom to investigate a very unusual steed) together with all the accompanying author’s notes.

Marquis of Secrets will be widely available at the end of the month from all the usual online bookstores…but if you want a copy now, you can purchase it directly from the publisher, Book View Café, in both EPUB and MOBI formats. And (ahem) subscribers to my newsletter will be receiving a coupon at the Book View Café bookstore…so if you want this set of the stories in one tidy package, now is a great time to do so. Happy reading!

 Now if you will excuse me, I must go find out where the second half of November went...