Thursday, July 26, 2012

Blogging from National 2012, Part 1

Well, here Regina and I are at the Romance Writers of America’s annual National Conference! This year we’re in Anaheim, California for what we’ve come to call our “annual sleepover”--as I live in Massachusetts and Regina lives in Washington State, this is our chance to get together each year, sitting up in our jammies and talking, talking, talking…oh, yes, and doing official conference stuff, too.

So our sleepover started late Tuesday afternoon when we both arrived in time for a pleasant dinner together (with lots of talking). We’d planned on a early night as we knew Wednesday would be busy…but before turning in we were treated to an evening fireworks display from Disneyland, just a few blocks away. Just like our trip to Orlando a few years back, we lucked out in having a hotel room that happened to face the right way!

On Wednesday it was time to divide and conquer: Regina was busy with the one-day conference sponsored by the Beau Monde (Regency RWA chapter), of which she’s been president this past year, and I was busy with the Young Adult chapter, on whose board I sit and which was also holding a one-day conference. Both events, I am happy to report, went very well…and then it was time for the huge Literacy Signing with 400 other authors

I was signing Courtship and Curses (yes, it’s not out for another couple of weeks, but don’t tell), and Regina had The Captain’s Courtship and The Rogue’s Reform…and we were delighted when Nineteenteen reader Rose de Guzman stopped by to say hi. There she is, with Regina!

Next stop was the Greater Detroit Chapter’s Book Buyer’s Best Award reception, as Regina had been nominated for the Inspirational Romance category…and then a quick dash up to our room to prepare for the entrance of a Very Important Gentleman…Sir Reginald Scott!

Let me tell you, that Sir Reginald is quite the heartbreaker. He flirted outrageously with all the ladies--especially those wearing conspicuously rich jewelry--and danced elegantly at the Beau Monde’s Annual Soiree…and I, his poor exhausted valet, still operating on Eastern time, trundled back to our room to collapse.

Can you tell we’re having fun?


Cara King said...

Sir Reginald was utterly fabulous!

I, too, had to choose between the Beau Monde conference and the YA conference -- I went with the Beau Monde, and enjoyed it immensely, but I also wished I was with the YARWA folks! So hard to have split interests, and divided loyalties!

Regina Scott said...

Thanks, Cara! It's getting so busy at the National Conference that you could do double and triple duty nearly every day and still miss something. What an amazing event!