Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dear Nineteenteen Readers

This week, we’re celebrating a milestone: our 500th post. Yes, five hundred. It makes me giddy just thinking about it—those five hundred posts are equal in length to 2-3 novels from the both of us—but it also makes me darned proud. Five hundred posts of sheer history geekishness—wow!

We like to joke about our sooper sekrit mission to surreptitiously promulgate an interest in all the coolness of history…but really, it isn’t a joke. We do want anyone who stumbles on Nineteenteen to catch a glimpse of how interesting history is and maybe go on to learn more beyond the light-hearted glimpses we offer. If we’re doing that, then we’re happy.

So the question is, as Regina and I contemplate our work here…what would you like to see in future posts? Are there any topics we haven’t covered, or topics you’d like revisited or expanded upon? Anything we aren’t doing now that you’d like us to do in future? More Young Bluestocking group book readings or movie viewings? More guest posts? I have to confess that after 500 posts, it’s getting a little hard to find new and interesting topics for you, so any suggestions you might have would be greatly appreciated…in fact, anyone who leaves a suggestion in the comment trail this week will be eligible for a drawing for either a copy of The Captain’s Courtship or Courtship and Curses—your choice.

And thanks for reading us for 500 posts.


LilMissMolly said...

Congrats! This is better than any TV show. I always appreciate knowing what inspires writers, as well as how did a cover or title come about - especially if you had a say in it, as opposed to just the publisher coming up with it.

Liviania said...

Congrats on reaching 500! I don't have any real post suggestions - I have enough trouble coming up with stuff for my own blog! Movie viewings are always good, since they invite participation. And I'm always up for fashion posts!

I'm trying to come up with something creative . . . maybe branching out more into England's colonies?

Rachel said...

Woot! 500 posts? Awesome ;)

Hmm....more fashion plate posts! Those are always interesting. And more posts on the Royals please.

I always thought that the mystery objects post were neat. You could do them without a prize incentive and just talk about what the object is and what it was used for.

I would love to see posts about recipes...you could do a series with the original recipe and then its modern version, assuming it has a modern one ;)

And you know me! More book club readings!

Yet again, congrats on 500!

Faith E. Hough said...

Congratulations and huzzah! :)
As a history/food nerd, how about historical recipes or menus?

Marissa Doyle said...

These are great suggestions--thanks so much, ladies, and keep them coming!!

QNPoohBear said...

Congratulations! Everyone has made some good suggestions. Guest posts are always fun because they introduce us to new writers and new books.

ettie said...

yay for 500 posts,
It would to be cool, to hear about middle class people, and rural people. (I live on a farm now, so I would love to dream....)