Friday, July 13, 2012

Introducing Lady Claire

Thanks to those who commented and shared a rule of courtship. As you’ll see below, our interviewee today could use any tips you’d care to pass along! According to the random number generator, the winner of today’s signed copy of The Captain’s Courtship is Regencyresearcher. I have a hunch I know who that is, but please drop me a note at with your physical address, and I’ll send it right out.

Today we have with us Lady Claire. She grew up in privilege as the daughter of the Earl of Falbrooke and made an excellent match her first season a decade ago to Viscount Winthrop. Her husband died in his prime a year ago, leaving her a widow. I’ve heard rumors she intended to relocate to Bath or the warmer climes of Italy, but something is keeping her in London this Season. Perhaps we can convince her to share her secrets.

Nineteenteen: Welcome, Lady Claire. Are you looking forward to this Season?

Lady Claire: I am indeed. I love London, museums, the theater, the art and science exhibitions. And this year will be special, as I’m sponsoring a young lady, Samantha, Lady Everard.

19Teen, tapping chin with finger: Lady Everard, you say? Isn’t there a connection between you and the Everard family?

Lady Claire, with a charming smile: There certainly is. I’ve been a friend of the family for years.

19Teen: That’s not exactly the way we remember it. Weren’t you at one time engaged to the second son of the family, former privateer Captain Richard Everard of the Siren’s Gold?

Lady Claire, with an airy wave: La, that was years ago. You cannot expect a lady to remember every suitor who comes calling.

19Teen: But he wasn’t just a suitor. You promised to marry him.

Lady Claire: And he promised to write and return soon. Two years with no word is not soon. Besides, my father was very pleased with the match I made.

19Teen: Your father was pleased, eh? What about you?

Lady Claire, hitching her shawl closer: I’m sure any lady would be pleased to be a viscountess. But I believe you wanted to know more about my Season this year. It will be beyond marvelous. Lady Everard is such a dear—so vivacious, so energetic. I know you will be charmed. We’ve already planned her coming out ball, and I intend to have her presented to the Queen at the earliest opportunity.

19Teen: And how do you feel about Captain Everard taking part in these activities? Won’t you have to spend a great deal of time in his company, first traveling to Cumberland to meet his cousin Lady Everard, and then here in London when she starts her Season?

Lady Claire: Very likely. I’m sure he’ll make a fine escort.

19Teen: That’s it? No trepidation about meeting your old swain again, especially now that you’re about to put off your widow’s weeds? You never thought about him once over all these years?

Lady Claire, lowering her voice: I’ve thought about him far too often, and you know it. How many times I’ve wished I could undo the past. But I can’t. He’ll never forgive me for betraying him. If he knew any other woman eligible to introduce his cousin to the Queen, he would never have showed up at my door.

19Teen: And now that he has?

Lady Claire: Now that he has, I find myself afraid to dream again.

19Teen: Never fear, Lady Claire. We think you will find that the captain’s courtship may have an entirely different ending this time around.

To learn more about Lady Claire and Captain Richard Everard, look for The Captain’s Courtship online or in a store near you. If you’d like another chance to win an autographed copy, simply leave a comment on this post before midnight your time on Thursday, July 19. I’ll draw a name and announce the winner next Friday, June 20.

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