Friday, July 19, 2013

Live from Atlanta, Sort Of

Hello, my dears, from sunny, thunder storm-prone Atlanta!  Marissa and I have been running between workshops, meetings with agents and editors, and workshop panels, and we wanted to share some of the highlights with you.

First off, the hotel is amazing!  Dozens of floors and glass elevators that zip from top to bottom.  Marissa and I are agreed that it looks a bit like a spinal column. 

Some of the publishers found a new way to use those elevators--poster space!  I am told these are called elevator wraps.  And I was absolutely thrilled to see one you might find familiar.

And here is someone else who might look familiar.  Marissa's book Courtship and Curses was a finalist for the best young adult book of 2012 for the Booksellers Best Award.  She very kindly let me tag along to the awards ceremony.  Doesn't she clean up good?

There are more than a few of our sister romance authors who are looking good here the last few days.  We attended the evening soiree of the Beau Monde chapter, those awesome ladies who write Regency-set romances.  They also know how to have our kind of a good time--great food, great friends, and English country dancing.  One of the most lovely dancers was Vanessa Riley, who as you can tell looks as if she's a young lady debuting in London society.  In a way, she is.  Her first  book, Madeline's Protector, an inspirational Regency romance, was out in April.  Congratulations, Vanessa!

Not sure we'll have time for another post this week, my dears.  But come back Tuesday to talk about the movie Emma with the ever-fabulous and entertaining Cara King.  See you then!


Leandra Wallace said...

That hotel is crazy looking! Congrats to you both, for the wrap and award, looks like you're having fun!

Coffee-Girl said...

You looked fabulous too. Thanks Regina.

Vanessa Riley
Author of Madeline's Protector

Regina Scott said...

Thanks, Leandra! It is fun but a bit nerve wracking, in a good way!

And thank you, dear Vanessa! I'm a bit internet challenged here (okay, more challenged than usual!), so I'm glad you left your URL so people can find you.