Friday, January 16, 2015

Online Resource: Kristen Koster’s Regency Fashion Primers

Reticule, pelisse, spencer, fichu--how on earth can a modern reader determine what a young lady was wearing in the early nineteenth century when we don’t even use those words anymore?  Kristen Koster, a wonderful writer and Vice President for Media and Communications of the Romance Writers of America’s Beau Monde Chapter (Regency), has put together a fantastic post that walks you through the basic terminology, and needs, of a young lady on the ton.   She covers the essence of dress, undress, and half dress, and points out some important facts about various types of clothing.  Very helpful, whether you’re reading about the nineteenth century or writing about it.  

Wondering about a gentleman instead?  What exactly are Hessians and when was it permissible to wear them?  Why would a fellow want a banyan?  And why would a man possessed of a good set of teeth require a set of braces? (Hint--they are not for your mouth).  For answers to these questions and more, Kristen has you covered.  

And speaking of covers, thank you to Emily W and Donna Hatch for speaking up last week about the cover for my March release, Would-Be Wilderness Wife.  Emily was quite right--I had Kate Hudson in mind for the physical characteristics of my heroine and Chris Hemsworth for my hero.  Can’t you just see him as a strapping lumberjack, raising his younger brothers and sister in the wilderness?  If you can’t now, hopefully you will when you read the book. J

And speaking of books, Emily W is our winner!  Emily, if you e-mail your physical address to, I will send you an early copy.  Thank you and Donna for commenting!


Emily W said...

So excited! I I just emailed. Thank you! And i loved these links! So much great information.

Regina Scott said...

You're welcome, Emily W! I do love Kristen's posts.

Kaige said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful shout out, Regina! I really appreciate it! -Kristen

Regina Scott said...

Thank YOU, Kristen! You did all the work! We appreciate it!