Friday, June 15, 2018

Nineteenth Century Dream House

For my Fortune’s Brides series, I’m having to research various types of English houses . I’ve certainly researched the workings of a great house over the years. This time, however, I went looking for exterior pictures to inspire.

Alaric, Duke of Wey, in Never Doubt a Duke lives in a quasi-castle along the Thames in Sussex. I wanted labyrinthine, imposing. Something like this.

Sir Harry Atwood in Never Borrow a Baronet lives in a quaint cottage overlooking the sea in Essex. I wanted cozy, quirky. This was a candidate.

The Earl of Carrolton in Never Envy an Earl lives on a wooded estate in a massive house he helped design in southern Sussex. I wanted elegant, original. I took Osterley Park as my example (more on that soon).

Frederick, Viscount Worth, in Never Vie for a Viscount owns two adjacent town houses on Clarendon Square north of Hyde Park in London, though he’s broken through the walls to connect the two. I wanted sophisticated, Spartan. This works perfectly.

I’ve been collecting more pictures of English county houses on my Pinterest page, 222 at the moment. Feel free to browse. I’m still trying to determine my favorite, but I’m leaning heavily toward Harry’s home. What about you?

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