Friday, December 21, 2018

Happy Christmas!

The day is fast approaching, my dears, which means Marissa and I will be taking time off the blog to celebrate with family and friends from today through January 3. That also means it’s time for presents! 

You will have seen Marissa’s lovely present a few weeks ago, but if you missed the announcement, go here to see how to read Marissa's free short story, “A Perfect Night for a Trip on the Lake.” 

For my own part, I have made available a short story I wrote for a dear friend of mine, the inspiration for Hannah Alexander in the Lady Emily Capers. “Hurry Santa” is one of the only contemporary romances I ever wrote (don’t hold that against me!). You can find it on a secret page on my website. 

And if you simply cannot wait for the next Fortune’s Brides story, you might want to know that the fourth book, Never Vie for a Viscount, is now available for preorder.

Lydia Villers wants to leave behind her life as a social butterfly and pursue a career in natural philosophy. A shame the only scientist available to assist her is the man she had once hoped to wed. Viscount Worthington has been betrayed once too often, including by the bubbly beauty who now wants to work at his side. How can he believe Lydia’s intentions are true this time? With the help of Miss Thorn and her beloved cat Fortune, an enthusiastic young lady and a wary lord might just discover that only together do they make the perfect chemistry.

You can preorder the e-book at the following online retailers. The print edition is available at Amazon.


May your Christmas be filled with wonder, and your New Year with hope. See you in January.


QNPoohBear said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I purchased A Timeless Romance Yuletide Regency collection as my bookmas gift and plan to order Fortune's Brides soon. I took advantage of Kindle Unlimited's 99 cent cyber week sale so I can read even more wonderful books. I prefer print books though so as soon as I can get to the library I'll be picking up some print books to balance out all the screen reading. May everyone's holiday book wishes come true!

Regina Scott said...

I am so honored, QNPoohBear! I hope you enjoy the stories! Sounds like you have a great bookmas planned. Happy New Year!