Thursday, May 8, 2008

PSST--Comment to Win!

If you read to the end of the last post, you'll notice that we're giving away something special to anyone who comments this week. Prize to be awarded by drawing Tuesday, May 13. Read down. You know you want to.

And come back tomorrow for a fun quiz on Marissa Doyle's secret life and how it bears an uncanny resemblance in places to that of a nineteenth century young lady!


Alayna said...

I LOVED Bewitching Season! Well, it helps that I am a magic freak. I check out a lot of books with magic in them. Back to Bewitching Season, I also liked the mix of fantasy and history to the point when I was supposed to be working on some project but couldn't put the book down. I hope that Marissa Doyle writes more books!

Marissa Doyle said...

Alayna, thank you so much! There will be a companion to Beitching Season next spring called "Twice Bewitched", which tells about Pen's adventures studying magic in Ireland and borrowing again from history...this time, a suspected plot against Victoria by her "wicked" Uncle, the King of Hanover (until she married and bore an heir, he was next in line to the British crown).