Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Is it Jane?

This post first ran in December 2008, during our Jane Austen Appreciation Fortnight. However, I've updated it a little with quotes from my and Regina's forthcoming books. I suppose that's cheating a little...

I love giving you quizzes...maybe I was a teacher in a previous life.

One of the things that sets Jane Austen apart is, of course, her language and her wit. Authors of historical and especially Regency-set fiction strive to match her sly sense of humor and lightly satirical touch. Do they succeed? Well, why don't you decide?

Below are eight quotes...some are by The Jane, and others are by (ahem) various authors of historical fiction. Can you tell which are true JA, and which aren't? Answers will be posted in the comments section...good luck!

1. "A scoundrel prides himself on his ability to turn a lady's head. I do not trust sweet words. They rarely lead to anything but trouble."

2. "My love, you contradict everybody," said his wife, with her usual laugh. "Do you know that you are quite rude?"
"I did not know that I contradicted anybody in calling your mother ill-bred."
"Aye, you may abuse me as you please," said the good-natured old lady. "You have taken Charlotte off my hands, and cannot give her back again. So there I have the whip hand of you."

3. She sometimes wondered why she'd bothered following her father when he searched for sea shells to catalogue. He never acknowledged her presence, rarely responded to her questions with anything more than vague grunts. Oh, but when he found the perfect shell, when he knelt and pulled it from the sands, his face held such an awed reverence that she knew she was looking at the very handiwork of God.

4. A kaleidoscope of gowns in every shade and tone, topped by headdresses sometimes charming, sometimes fearsome, swept by her in all directions as ladies who had probably taken tea together just hours before greeted one another with insincere shrieks of joy and cries of admiration.

5. You are inimitable, irresistible. You are the delight of my life. You are worth your weight in gold, or even the new silver coinage.

6. "The doctor snorted. 'Romantic indeed,' he said. 'But then everything is romantic to young ladies these days, isn't it?'"

7. A family of ten children will always be called a fine family, where there are heads, and arms, and legs enough for the number....

8. “My dear Mrs. Carswell,” Aunt Isabel began.
Sophie braced herself. When Aunt Isabel my-deared someone, it was because she felt the person thus addressed anything but dear.


Marissa Doyle said...

Here are the answers!

1. Regina Scott, La Petite Four
2. Jane Austen, Sense and Sensibility
3. Regina Scott, The Irresistable Earl
4. Marissa Doyle, Bewitching Season
5. Jane Austen, in a letter to a friend
6. Marissa Doyle, Betraying Season
7. Jane Austen, Northanger Abbey
8. Marissa Doyle, Title to be announced :)

Tricia Tighe said...

Ha! I had guessed 2, 6, & 7, so I wasn't too far wrong. I picked yours, Marissa, because it was familiar and really does sound like Jane. :D

Marissa Doyle said...

Oh my--thank you, Tricia!

Anonymous said...

#8: Oooh, is that from "Magic in Season" or something else?

I apparently fail at Jane, because I only recognized #2 of hers.

Marissa Doyle said...

Yes it is, meg-reads...except the title is no longer Magic in Season. I expect I'll be asking everyone's help here for some new title ideas soon!