Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Accessories, Part 2: More Reticules

Are you writing a Regency-set story or a reenactor thinking about whipping up the perfect costume for an 1815-set ball? Following up on the first post in our new series on women’s fashion accessories in the Regency era, here are more reticules for your viewing pleasure.

Once again, all images are from my Ackermann’s Repository collection, with a few contributions from the Lady’s Magazine, noted below. Lots more cute little drawstring closure-type bags, but some surprisingly modern looking ones as well. Happy accessorizing!

Walking Dress, March 1815:

Carriage Dress, December 1816:

Carriage Dress, January 1818 (from a mourning dress, incidentally--the full image is here:

Walking Dress, November 1819:

Walking Dress November 1820:

Evening Dress, February 1821:

Walking Dress, December 1821:

Walking Dress, March 1822:

Promenade Dress, January 1824--I love the shell shape!:

Evening Dress, March 1824 (Lady’s Magazine):

Promenade Dress, July 1824:

Morning Dress, May 1826:

Carriage Costume, September 1826--though I think this is more a change purse than a reticule, don't you think?

Walking Dress, December 1827 (Lady’s Magazine):

Dinner Dress, March 1828:

Carriage Costume, April 1828:


Elizabeth Conrad said...

If I had a reticule, I hope it would be more roomy than the coin purse one! The first time I ever read the word reticule was in Tasha Alexander's mystery books about Lady Emily. Have you read them? :)

Marissa Doyle said...

Elizabeth, I have an evening purse that looks like the shell one. :) I haven't read those books, but I'm going to check them out.