Friday, October 21, 2016

Redeeming the Irredeemable

I try not to read reviews. Positive ones set me aglow, but negative ones sink my spirit faster than a well-aimed torpedo. That’s why, when I was researching online and ran across this review for The Irredeemable Miss Renfield, one of my earlier books, my heart quailed.

“If Utterly Devoted is Regina Scott at her best, The Irredeemable Miss Renfield is Regina Scott at her worst.”


Now, I’d like to think that a writer grows with each book, so, theoretically, The Unflappable Miss Fairchild should be my worst book, as it was my first. Of course, I tweaked it before its recent reissue. But, based on that review, Irredeemable sounded, well, irredeemable.

I was determined that that would not be the case. I made myself look at what readers had said. Most people liked the hero, Leslie Petersborough, now Marquis of Hastings on the death of his father. I will admit Leslie was one of my favorites as well. No, most concerns seemed to center around my heroine, Cleopatra Renfield, and her wild plan to stop her stepsisters from interfering in her life by misbehaving.

You see, Cleo’s parents died when she was a youth, and her much older stepsisters packed her off to boarding school to learn to behave like a lady. Now, they are determined to marry her off. And Cleo is determined to stop them.

In the original version, Cleo thought that causing a scandal would stop all suitors from pursuing her. She seemed oblivious to the serious consequences that could arise for a young lady behaving in a shocking manner in Regency England. One reviewer called her “woefully naïve.”

No more. I firmed up Cleo’s backstory, showed why a young lady like her might be driven to such extremes. I didn’t shy away from the consequences, but I showed why the alternative, marriage to someone she despises, might be worse in Cleo’s eyes. I hope readers will see Cleo as spirited, brave, tremendously loyal to those she loves, and not so very naïve this time.

The Irredeemable Miss Renfield is now available for sale at fine retailers near you. I hope you find her thoroughly redeemed.



QNPoohBear said...

Glad you can take constructive criticism and revise your stories. This one is not my favorite because of the very silly heroine. I probably would have really liked it when I was closer to Cleo's age and in my rebellious phase.

Regina Scott said...

Thanks, QNPoohBear! I hope Cleo isn't quite so silly this round, but we'll see what readers think!