Friday, October 7, 2016

Four Things on a Friday

Things come across my virtual desk on a daily basis, and, from time to time, I think, “Oh, I must share!” So, in no particular order, here are four things you as a reader of stories set in the nineteenth century should probably know.

  1. Ever wonder what ladies with names like Albertina, Orilla, or Clementine actually went by in their day? Check out this article on historical nicknames for ladies.
  2. Ever wonder where “Rotten Row” might be or what was in Green Park? Read all about it in Kristen Koster’s primer on London parks during the Regency.
  3. Are you a fan of the incomparable Georgette Heyer, sometimes called the mother of the Regency romance? Three short stories not seen since the 1930s will soon be reissued. Be still my heart!
  4. Finally, you know how much I love sailing ships. Here’s a marvelous site dedicated to the world Patrick O’Brian built with his Aubrey/Maturin series (Master and Commander, anyone?). This page in particular has some fun nautical slang. 
Until next week, enjoy!


Kaige said...

Thanks so much for the shout out, Regina! The other items are on my "to-check-out" list too! Thanks for sharing!

Regina Scott said...

You are very welcome! Great work is meant to be shared. Thank you for taking the time to help us all understand the Regency better.