Tuesday, August 5, 2008

She's Back!

As Marissa mentioned, we’re tag-teaming this summer to give each other a little more time with family and writing. She took the posts for July, and I’ll be posting in August. I’ll post this Friday on a scintillating nineteenth-century topic, but I didn’t want you to pop in today when Marissa usually posts and wonder why we’d disappeared!

And speaking of popping in, if you happen to be in Richland, Washington, between 3 and 5 this afternoon, do stop by Adventures Underground bookstore and say hello. I’ll be signing and having tea with Anne Osterlund, who writes fairy tale YA for Penguin. Gloria’s La Dolce Vita Bakery and Café was kind enough to cater. I’m addicted to Gloria’s cooking, so if my mouth is full when you stop by, you’ll know why. I shall try to remember my manners and not spray you with crumbs in my effusive welcome.

And to those who said hello at the Romance Writers of America conference last week, especially Santa, Sara, and Elizabeth, welcome home! It was lovely meeting you in person!

Until Friday, my dears!


Sara Lindsey said...

It was so lovely to meet you! Now back to my regularly scheduled revisions...

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

Regina, it was great to meet you too, and to dance at the Harlequin party!

Regina Scott said...

Hi, Sara! (Waving)

And Elizabeth--you dance divinely! That party was as good as any Regency ball.

Though we could have used a few more Hussars. :-)