Thursday, July 9, 2009

Shall We Confer?

From your erudite responses to our posts, Marissa and I know that some of you are writers as well. We humbly invite those who will be attending the Romance Writers of America National Conference in Washington, D.C., next week to join us for breakfast! Marissa and I will be at the Saturday morning (July 11) buffet breakfast, the farthest tables from the buffet, waving fans. Yes, fans—lovely sandalwood affairs quite similar to those used during the nineteenth century. Join us for scintillating conversation, and you might just walk away with one!

If you are not attending the conference, but will be in the area, we highly recommend the “Readers for Life” Literacy Autographing on Wednesday, July 15, from 5:30 to 7:30pm. Just standing in the massive ballroom, gazing out at 500 romance authors signing books for charity, is enough to make one swoon in pure delight! Marissa will be signing Bewitching Season, and I’ll be around eagerly collecting books from my other favorite authors. For more information and a list of participating authors, see the conference site.

Marissa and I hope to blog from the conference, so look for interesting insights and tantalizing tidbits next week.

And speaking of tantalizing tidbits, may I offer you a few fun activities while you wait?

Enjoy, and hope to see you in D.C.!


Liviania said...

You've found my weakness . . . paper dolls. I have a huge collection from years of American Girl Magazine.

QNPoohBear said...

I wish I still lived in DC!
The paper doll is addicting! great procrastination too, thanks!

Regina Scott said...

Liviania, I used to love American Girl Magazine! Still have some very old copies around somewhere. Glad you and QNPoohBear enjoyed the doll! Sorry we won't see you in DC, though!

Anyone? Anyone?

Dara said...

Oh I wish I was going to that conference! It would be awesome to meet you in person!

And like Liviania and Regina, I also loved American Girl. I credit them with helping me realize my love of historical fiction at the tender age of 8 :)

BTW I still have one of their dolls--my favorite one, Felicity :)

QNPoohBear said...

I hope some fans get to go to the conference and take lots of pictures for the rest of us!

So many American Girl fans! (I have 7 AGs plus 3 similar German-made dolls Come check out the comprehensive collecting resource and message board AG Playthings at

Christina Farley said...

Oh I wish I was going! Breakfast with you all sounds like way too much fun. Have a great time! I'd love to read any thoughts you all have on the conference.

Joanna said...

I have been playing with those paper dolls for endless hours and making my the different outfits for my regency character in the great RPG writing group of Panhistoria.

I wish I could go to the thingy going on in DC and I adore American Girl, lol American Girl is my weakspot. I have two dolls, books tones of magazines and a bunch of other thing, some from my childhood, others from now a days. :) Heh, I even was one of those older girls who went to see Kit Kittredge last year.

Victoria Janssen said...

I'll try to find you to say hi. I'm signing, as well.

Marissa Doyle said...

Vickie, YES!!! Anassa kata for our first signings at National!