Friday, December 17, 2010

Nineteenth Century Christmas Wish List—What Would YA Writers Want?

Well, actually, what would Regina want? I’ll allow Marissa to comment if she sees fit.

We’ve talked about the young ladies and lads of the nineteenth century and what they might have put on their Christmas wish lists. What of those who write about these wonderful characters? Who secretly long to live in their world, at least for a few hours? I shall show you some of my wish list, but please note that I’m not hawking these products. It seemed only fair to include the links as well as a picture or two, but I haven’t ordered from any of these places, so I cannot vouch for their good business practices. Buyer beware. Nuff said.

So what would a writer of nineteenth century YA want?

--Perhaps some lovely note cards so she could thank all those who are so kind about reviewing her work or supporting her blog.

--Or picture hangers so she could put up a few framed covers. (Of course, I personally don’t have a picture rail at the top of my walls, but I might be able to talk my very handy husband into putting a few in.) Doesn't this just take you back to another time?

Or music so she can get in the mood while writing.

Or faux nineteenth century clothing! (Actually, I want her gown, the settee she’s sitting on, and perhaps the carpet at her feet. Oh, and Santa, maybe make my short hair grow about a foot overnight too?) Wouldn’t that be fun for the booksellers and readers to see when she walked into a signing?

And of course a little bauble never hurt anyone. (You’ll notice I don’t have a writerly excuse for this one!)

Also on my wish list is for all good YA writers to have great books out in 2011 that delight readers, sell well, and earn them publishing contracts for 2012. And a pony. (Well, maybe not a pony.)

What about you? Any ideas for nineteenth century-related goodies you’ve seen?


Marissa Doyle said...

I just got my favorite Christmas present--we drove out to pick my son up from college--but I'll chime in tomorrow when the images of headlights are no longer imprinted on my retinas. :)

Anonymous said... writer friend only gets a "universal gift certificate" (read: cash) to use for going to English Country Dances!

Gillian Layne said...

Oh how I adore the Victorian Trading Company!

I think the writing sets at Barnes and Nobles are so wonderful! I know we mostly type on a computer...but I love the thought of pen and quill, and thick, elegant notebooks on my (rather messy) desk.