Friday, August 9, 2013

Quiz for Free Book: When Was That Invented?

As you probably know by now, Nick the hero of my August release, The Courting Campaign, is a natural philosopher specializing in the properties of materials.  I was amazed by what I learned when researching the state of science in 1815.  Some things were definitely discovered or invented earlier than I thought, and some things weren't known until much later! 

So here's a quiz about inventions in nineteenth century England.  I'll post the answers in the first comment. Anyone who comments after me to let us know how you did will be entered in a drawing for a free signed copy of The Courting Campaign.  If you already have it, I'll give you a choice of any of the books for which I still have copies.  Or you can have me sign it and give it away to someone you love!  Ready?  Here we go!    

1.  Which of the following was NOT invented before 1814?
a.  Submarine
b.  Plastic surgery
c.  Safety lantern for mining
d.  Hot air balloons

2.  When was the earliest it was possible for a typical Englishwoman to light a candle with a match?
a.  1815
b.  1825
c.  1830
d.  1835

3.  Although used in the Netherlands since the 1700s, the first tin can was patented in England in 1810.  How was it opened?
a.  With a can opener
b.  With a knife
c.  The top peeled back
d.  With a hammer and chisel

4.  When was the first waterproof raincoat available in England?
a.  1807
b.  1823
c.  1846
d.  1899

5.  When was the first calculator patented?
a.  1835
b.  1822
c.  1805
d.  1800

Let us know how you did!  I'll announce the winner next Friday, August 16.


Regina Scott said...

1. c
2. c
3. d
4. b
5. a

Hope you did swell! :-)

DangAndBlast! said...

I'm so happy three was d. I like the image it calls up :)

Regina Scott said...

Me too, DangAndBlast! Those cooks were tough back then. :-)

Thanks for commenting. This post was getting lonely.