Friday, April 4, 2014

Quiz: The Search for the Ideal Husband

The Master Matchmakers series focuses on servants who think they know the perfect match for their masters.  What about you?  Given your personality, which of the gentlemen featured in the series would your servants have considered a good match for you?  Take the quiz to find out, but beware!  I've added a fourth gentleman to the list, and he just might steal your heart!  (See the first comment for his identity and how to score your answers.)

1.  When traveling from one location to another, your ideal husband would prefer to
a.  Ride on a powerful horse
b.  Stroll along chatting with friends
c.  Walk as quickly and efficiently as possible
d.  Convince the duke with the largest carriage to give him a ride

2.  Your ideal husband’s leisure time reading would include
a.  A good treatise on the birthing of foals
b.  Izaak Walton’s The Compleat Angler
c.  The Transactions of the Philosophical Society
d.  Wordsworth’s poetry

3.  Your husband’s preferred outfit would consist of
a.  A coat, breeches, and riding boots
b.  A waistcoat, linen shirt with good range of movement for his arms, and water-proofed boots
c.  Whatever was closest to hand, regardless of whether it was clean or matched
d.  Perfectly matched, refined coat and trousers tailored to his person and indicative of his style

4.  Your husband would tie his cravat in this style
a.  Simply knotted
b.  The Corinthian, a fold currently popular among sporting gentlemen
c.  The Mathematical (but only when his valet was involved)
d.  An elegant fold that others struggle to copy

5.  Your husband would prefer to spend his time with you
a.  Riding across verdant fields, then a quiet picnic under the trees
b.  Holding you in his arms while he teaches you the fine art of fishing
c.  Listening to your stories in ardent appreciation
d.  Taking you on an adventure, whether sailing on the Thames or venturing into the deepest cavern in search of gold

6.  If your husband wrote his own wedding vows, he might say the following:
a.  “I will never be worthy of your love, but if you allow me, I will treasure you all the days of your life.”
b.  “I promise you will always come first in my life, no matter the requirements of my station or interests.”
c.  “You are my equal in all ways, and I will never be whole without you are at my side.”
d.  “Come with me and be my love, and we will all the pleasures prove.”

Leave us a comment to let us know who the servants would have campaigned for you to marry, and what you think about the matter.


Regina Scott said...

If you chose more a answers, you would have been paired with that brooding horseman, John, Lord Hascot, from The Husband Campaign.

If you chose more b answers, you would have been matched up with avid fisherman Whitfield Calder, Earl of Danning, from The Wife Campaign.

If you chose more c answers, your servants would have been considering dedicated scientist Sir Nicholas Rotherford from The Courting Campaign.

And if you chose more d answers, you might have a soft spot in your heart for Peter Quimby, the dashing valet of Whit Calder, who arranged for his master to have to play court to three lovely young ladies. My Easter bonus to you will be the story of how Quimby met his match. Look for more details soon.

Leandra Wallace said...

My a and d answers tied! But I'm not sure if I'd want a brooding husband. I sorta already have that, and sometimes its not fun, lol! So I'll take Quimby! =)

Regina Scott said...

Too funny, Leandra! My husband gets into a brooding mood from time to time, and I agree, it's my least favorite side of him. Thanks for letting us know how you did!

Lynn Lovegreen said...

I chose D, so can't wait for that story to come out! :-)

Regina Scott said...

Thanks, Lynn! Will be working on it starting on Saturday. :-)