Friday, August 8, 2014

Sailing the Seas of Cover Creativity

Ah, the joys of book covers!  As we've discussed, authors often have very little control over what comes out when they are traditionally published.  I feel quite fortunate that my editor and publisher at Love Inspired ask for a lot of input, and they generally listen when I have concerns.  That was exactly the case for November’s The Bride Ship.

In early June, my editor’s wonderful assistant sent me an early version, cautioning me that not much could be changed but to look for any major errors that must be corrected.  The heroine’s look was spot on, and I loved the way she seemed to be gazing out toward her future.  But then I saw the ship, and gulped.  She looked a bit like the one above.

The problem?  That’s an artist's rendition of the Queen Mary from around the 1930s.  My book is set post-Civil War.  The actual bride ship, the S.S. Continental, looked like this:

So I asked, nicely, hesitantly, whether that could be fixed.  And it could!

Here is the final cover for The Bride Ship.  The hull is still a bit metal-looking, but you can see the two masts rising above her, and the forecastle is much closer to reality.  Phew!

But I would be remiss if I didn't point out another cover recently created.  The talented author and artist Aileen Fish created this cover for our upcoming boxed set, Timeless:  Historical Romance Through the Ages, which will release next Tuesday, August 12. From turn of the century Chicago to 1860’s Montana to the Civil War era and Regency times, there is something for every historical romance reader. This sweet romance boxed set features seven novels by bestselling authors, starring unforgettable characters falling in love in the most captivating settings.

This collection includes:

All the Blue of Heaven by Virginia Carmichael
Sky Tinted Water by Keta Diablo
The Incorrigible Mr. Lumley by Aileen Fish
Lasso My Heart by Linda Ford
A Mile Apart by Sarah Jae Foster
Through the Storm by Brenda B. Taylor
And my own Secrets and Sensibilities, Book One in the Lady Emily Capers.

We’ll be pricing it at just 99 cents for the first month.  I hope you’ll give it a try. 

And happy sailing!


J.Grace said...

I think the cover looks lovely. Congrats on your new series!

My parents were married on the Queen Mary but I never got a chance to tour it while living in California.

Regina Scott said...

Thanks, J. Grace! How romantic, being married on a classic liner like the Queen Mary! Thanks for commenting!