Wednesday, May 27, 2015

I'm Baaaaaack!

Well, the Doyles are back from England, laden with tea and books and some pretty cool fossils...and it was a blast! I'll be posting in (historical) detail about the sites we visited, but while I get my photos in order for that, here are a few images I thought you might like:

It being May, we were lucky enough to catch the bluebells in bloom in many locations, but this bluebell copse on Dartmoor in Devon was our favorite:

Along with primroses, which I'm more used to seeing in the garden center, not growing wild!

No, it's not really a's one of the chandeliers in the Assembly Room at Bath!

Is it some primordial monster from the depths of space? Nope, it's a glass sculpture at the Victoria and Albert Museum:

On the straight and narrow on Dartmoor:

Even the chimneys at Hampton Court are worth photographing:

And again, it being May, we saw lambs. A lot of very, very, very cute lambs!

Not to mention cows, source of the copious amounts of clotted cream we consumed.  Here is a new breed photographed in the New Forest, the demi-cow--ideal for smaller farms:

It's great to be home! :)


Regina Scott said...

Welcome back! Awesome pics! Can't wait for more! :-)

Lynn Lovegreen said...

Loved the photos, looking forward to stories! :-)