Friday, December 4, 2015

Literary Christmas Wish List, 2015

Some people hate Christmas shopping. I love it. Every year, I am amazed by the myriad of choices available to delight my friends and family, particularly those of a literary bent. So, in case you need inspiration for yourself (or to suggest to others for yourself), allow me to point out a few items.

Perhaps you or your loved one favors jewelry. You might invest in the Lost Diadem of Ravenclaw, which proves the owner is endowed with the characteristics of this noble house of Hogwarts: intelligence, wit, and wisdom. 
Lost Diadem Costume cosplay Tiara Crown Hogwarts Jewelry

Or maybe it would just be nice to have a book hanging around.

Book Necklace, Book Jewelry, Miniature Book Mini Journal Necklace, Book Lover Gift, Literature Jewelry, Medieval Edwardian Victorian Jewelry

Then there’s the modern rivalry between e-books and print, spelled out on this coffee cup

My Book Smells Better Than Your Tablet Mug - Quote Mug - Unique Gift Coffee Cup - Book lover - Library - Funny Gift - Book Cup

And of course many would covet this adventuresome journal to write down thoughts.
Bombay Brown Leather Wrap Journal with Tie (4

Have a special gentleman in your life? Help him to dress like Darcy. J

Jane Austen Gift Men's Light Pajamas

Or maybe you’re the one who prefers to dress with a more historical flare

And don’t forget the books! Here are a few that looked interesting and were reasonable:

Deadly Victorian Remedies, 12 cases of medicine gone bad. 

Mrs. Beeton’s Book of Household Management, that 1800s classic that we’ve quoted on Nineteenteen. 

Dandy Poems: The Dandy in Poetry and Song, a compilation of satirical poems written in the nineteenth century about dandies.

Hm. I think I need to add a few more things to my own Christmas list. How about you?

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