Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Cover Reveal: Introducing Between Silk and Sand!

I am delighted, excited, and generally over the moon to unveil the cover of my upcoming young adult fantasy novel, due out on July 31, 2018 from Book View Café. May I please present...

The best-laid plans, even of princesses, can go awry...very, very awry.

Seventeen-year-old Saraid of Thekla is on her way to marry the ruler of far-off Mauburni. But she’s not sobbing into her silk-curtained litter at the thought of leaving home, because she has plans—and The Book. She’s studied this ancient treatise on the art of kingship for months to make herself the ideal queen for her adopted country. Once her new husband sees that, he’ll fall madly in love with her. It will all be perfect. She knows it.

But The Book is silent on what to do when one’s journey across a cursed desert wasteland is halted by a mysterious young warlord. Cadel has plans of his own—plans that don’t include her going to Mauburni. As she begins to unravel his secrets, Saraid will have to put aside The Book and trust her own wisdom—and her heart—to navigate the treacherous shoals of politics and power and become the queen she yearns to be.  

Between Silk and Sand (stop by my website for more info and a sneak peek at the first chapter! ) is my first young adult novel in...well, a long time. It’s been a long time coming, too—I wrote the first incarnation of this story as my very first book back in 2003. It’s almost unrecognizable as that book I wrote so long ago (which is a good thing, believe me—that first effort was terrible!), but it’s a story I had to tell...and now, here it is. Regina wrote a few weeks back about how important a writer’s friends can be. Without the friends who read parts or all of Between Silk and Sand and gave me their honest, thoughtful opinions and then pushed me to not give up, this book would never have happened...and to all those friends, this book is dedicated.

And isn’t the cover gorgeous? I cannot thank Book View Café’s Dave Smeds enough for his beautiful work on it—it truly sings.

Between Silk and Sand will be available at all the major on-line retailers—Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple iBooks, Kobo, and GooglePlay (all of where it can be pre-ordered--link for Amazon coming shortly)--as well as, of course, Book View Café’s own online store (which you really need to check out if you haven’t already because there’s a wealth of good reading there) and in print from your favorite bookstores. You can also add it to your want-to-read list on Goodreads here.

I'm so excited! I hope you'll check out my pretty new book!


Regina Scott said...

Oh, yay! I have to squeal! I have been waiting for this book to come out ever since Marissa asked me to read the first chapter years ago. You can bet I'll be preordering my copy forthwith. Awesome story! I'm so glad you found a cover to do it justice, my dear.

Marissa Doyle said...

Thank you! Re the cover, it was really cool to work with Dave looking for images and fonts and seeing it (even if imperfectly) through the eyes of a designer. I learned a lot.