Tuesday, June 18, 2019

The Unexpected

Sometimes, life throws unexpected curve balls at you. Even if they’re not completely unexpected, those curveballs can mess you up...which can interfere with things like, say, writing blog posts.

Since I’m trying to juggle a curve ball or two right now (how d’ya like that for a mixed metaphor?) this won’t be much of a post; I hope life will be calmer next week. In the meanwhile, I offer this very unexpected print of fancy dress costumes (examples of which we've seen before) from an unknown French journal, probably ca. 1830 to judge by the sleeves and hairstyle of the lady wearing the “Danish” costume at left...

...but it’s the Indian costume at right that surprises and delights me. How about you?

Enjoy! And I hope next week will meet your usual expectations.

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