Friday, December 6, 2019

Nineteenth Century Wish List, 2019 Edition

I’m getting close to finishing my Christmas shopping, but I’m hoping those shopping for me are thinking about gifts for lovers of the nineteenth century. Here’s a few that might make your list too:

Some wonderful Pride and Peppermint tea, complete with bookmark.

Just how foxy do you prefer your Regency dandy? Perhaps this foxy.

Or perhaps a Regency alphabet book: A is for Almack’s. Why yes, yes, it is.

A lovely necklace reminiscent of the Regency period, and at Kohl’s no less.

Proud to show your love of Jane Austen even on chilly days? Try this sweatshirt.

And, until December 12, you will find the first book in my Marvelous Munroes series for free at major retailers. Not an e-book fan? My True Love Gave to Me is also back in print for the first time in 20 years. You might mention that to your library.

Genevieve Munroe is determined to give her newly impoverished family one last happy Christmas, including making peace with their long-time rivals, the Pentercasts. Then the handsome oldest son Alan proposes a wager: if he can give her all the gifts from the Twelve Days of Christmas song, she must marry him.

Alan’s wild gambit is intended to win Gen’s heart. After all, no Munroe would ever marry a Pentercast. But perhaps the joy of Christmas can open her eyes to the man behind the wager, a man determined to turn the twelve days of Christmas into a lifetime of love.

Best wishes on your holiday shopping success!


QNPoohBear said...

Those are great! My wish list includes
Jane Austen bookend from the Jane Austen Centre

(just sold out! I hope Santa brings them to me)

Dolley Madison ornament

don't you love her dress? I bought Lady Dunmore/Lady Washington in Colonial Williamsburg and also want Abigail Adams and suffragette. I'd love Harriet Tubman too.

One of the two new Little Women cookbooks

Regina Scott said...

Oh, lovely, QNPoohBear! Thank you so much for sharing. Sorry I couldn't respond sooner. I was on travel over the weekend and Monday with little access to the Internet.

QNPoohBear said...

I also asked for the book Fashion in the Time of Jane Austen. It looks lovely!