Tuesday, September 21, 2021

A View (or Two) from Regina Scott

Did I mention how excited I am to be writing about the history in my own backyard? As I type this, it’s two weeks until A View Most Glorious launches, and I can hardly wait. I can’t fly to England every time I write a book set there (worse luck!), but I can walk and drive to many of the places in this third book of my American Wonders series.

So, I did. And I’m going to take you with me. 😊

I’ll be doing a series of videos about some of the places that inspired scenes from the book. The book opens along the waterfront, where Coraline Baxter, my heroine, and her stepfather come seeking a guide to help them reach the top of Mt. Rainier. This video was shot less than 2 miles from where Shem’s Dockside Saloon might have been.

Nathan Hardee, my hero, reluctantly agrees to consider guiding Cora up the mountain, but he wants to make sure she has what it takes to reach the top. Taking an inexperienced climber into the heights is a hazard in and of itself. So, he sets her to climbing one of the highest hills in Tacoma, in 10 minutes or less. I had to try it myself. Here’s the results.

You can read the first chapter of A View Most Glorious on my website. Look for more peeks behind the scenes soon!


Unknown said...

Just pre-ordered it! Can't wait to read it -

Regina Scott said...

Thank you!