Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Nineteenth Century Christmas Wish List, 2021 Edition

Many people I know started their Christmas shopping early. If you are one of them—good for you! If you aren’t, no worries! Here are a few things to inspire those who love the nineteenth century or to just inspire in general!

Banks by Grantlee Kieza 
Naturalist Sir Joseph Banks dominated the sciences in Regency England. I’ve used him a time or two as a supporting character. This biography by an award-winning journalist shines new light on the man himself, calling him “a fearless adventurer” whose “fascination with beautiful women was only trumped by his obsession with the natural world and his lust for scientific knowledge.” Sounds like a great read to me!

Becoming Future You: Be the Hero of Your Own Life by Mel Jolly 
Everyone has a dream, but sometimes we aren’t entirely sure how to reach it or why we haven’t reached it yet. Having worked with authors and other creative entrepreneurs for nearly two decades, Mel knows what it takes to move forward in your life. And her warm, encouraging prose will make you feel like your best friend is walking right there with you.

Jewels Through Time on Etsy 

Can I just say I’m in love? This amazing shop has wonderful reproductions of jewelry worn in historical movies. You’ll find pieces that look like they came off the set of Emma, Persuasion, Pride and Prejudice, Poldark, and more, at reasonable prices. For example, you can get a reproduction of this piece worn by Jennifer Ehle as Elizabeth Bennett in the 1995 miniseries adaptation of Pride and Prejudice (with Colin Firth as Darcy). Gorgeous! (My husband has already purchased a piece for me for Christmas.)

Cuddly, Period-Inspired Throw on CafePress
This lovely plush fleece throw blanket is based on Regency dress fabric. Perfect for cuddling up with a good book!

And speaking of books, December 3 through 10, you can get the first book in the Marvelous Munroes series, My True Love Gave to Me, free in ebook form. The print book and series bundle are also discounted.

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Happy Christmas shopping!

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