Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Romancing the Rogue

I’m having such fun delving back into my Fortune’s Brides world, and so are readers! This week, the third book in Fortune’s Brides: The Wedding Vow, launches, with a heroine who is young, but I hope, delightful. Here's a little about Never Romance a Rogue:

No one has ever refused a request from Lady Belle Dryden. Her pretty face and winsome nature almost guarantee it, and the fact that she’s the youngest daughter of the Duke of Wey doesn’t hurt. So she’s certain when she plays matchmaker between her dearest friend, Miss Petunia Bateman, and the charming, mysterious Owen Canady, both will be only too happy to fall in love. After all, Belle feels herself falling for Owen already. A shame a duke’s daughter must marry someone more impressive.

Owen Canady is a gentleman by birth, a pauper by circumstance, and a con man by necessity. Life has taught him he can rely only on his wits and a fast horse to get by. But when he is blackmailed into ferreting out the secrets of the Duke of Wey at a house party at the duke’s lavish estate, he finds his resolve crumbling. Belle is everything that is right and good in the world. He cannot betray her.

As her father’s enemies grow more daring, Belle and Owen must work together to protect all they hold dear. When his own secrets are revealed, can Owen convince the lady who’s never heard no to say yes to him?

Hott Book Reviews gave it an A+. “Wow! I loved Never Romance a Rogue. I can’t wait until the next one!”

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QNPoohBear said...

My review is on my blog, GoodReads and Amazon! I MAY be related to Owen through the Wentworths of Yorkshire LOL!

Regina Scott said...

Thank you so much, QnPoohBear! And how funny about you and Owen! One never entirely knows who might be hiding in one's family tree, until we go climbing in the branches! I had recently read about the Sultana disaster for the first time. When I mentioned it to my mother, who has been putting together our family tree for more than 50 years, she let me know that one of our ancestors was most likely killed in that disaster! It seems he'd gone down to New Orleans on business and should have been coming home, only he never made it home. His family feared he was one of the more than 1,500 lost. We sometimes forget we are part of history.