Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Launching a Lord

I have loved Petunia Bateman since the day she walked on screen as the youngest sister of Sir Matthew Bateman in Never Kneel to a Knight. She was outspoken, bighearted, and intrigued by the world around her. That hasn’t changed now that she’s all grown up and the heroine of her own story!

Spunky Petunia Bateman may be a commoner, but she is far from common. Anyone who cannot appreciate that is not worth her time. Then her best friend’s fiancĂ©, the deposed crown prince of Batavaria, awards her a title, and the man she once loved decides she might be worth another look. Think again, sir!

Lord Ashforde had considered the lovely Miss Bateman for his bride three years ago. But his family history convinced Ash that cool heads and calm demeanors must prevail. There is nothing cool and calm about his feelings for Petunia, which have only grown since he rashly decided against her. But can he convince her, and himself, to give their love another try?

When the prince asks Petunia to persuade Ash to take up their cause to see their kingdom restored, the two are thrown together, and the enemies of Batavaria take note. Can love blossom amid skullduggery? Especially with an unlikely couple that might be made for each other?

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FYI—Marissa and I will be out November 22, celebrating Thanksgiving week with family and friends. Hope you have an opportunity to do the same. Be sure to catch Marissa’s post next week, and come back on November 29 for a special guest post by the amazing Alissa Baxter!

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