Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Beguiling the Bodyguard

Fortune the cat is back with another set of matches to make, this time with the Batavarian Imperial Guards. These four elite soldiers find themselves up to their medals in romance and adventure as they start new lives in Regency England. First up is Finn Huber.

When Finn was released from his duties to his king and crown prince, he never dreamed his first position in England would be bodyguard to a governess whose sweet nature calls to him. He fell for a lady he was guarding years ago, with devastating consequences. He learned the hard way that bodyguards must be vigilant, valiant, and in control, always. Loving who they guard is strictly forbidden.

Governess Abigail Winchester beguiles her charges with warm smiles and gentle words, but her composure is hard won. Someone knows about her connection to a family scandal and is bent on destroying her. How kind of her benefactress, Lady Belfort, to hire Finn to keep her safe as she hides at the lady’s country estate. He is everything a lady might admire, but she cannot give in to her growing feelings for him. Finn’s honor and her past can never be reconciled.

But Lady Belfort and her cat, Fortune, are renowned for making matches—in employment and in romance. With their help, Finn and Abigail must uncover who is threatening her and stop the villain before it’s too late. In the end, will honor or love prevail?

5 Stars! “Well written, engaging, and does not slow down.” The Huntress Reviews

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QNPoohBear said...

It was wonderful, as always! My only major complaint is - it was too short! I read the whole thing in one night. It was fun to catch up with everyone again.

Regina Scott said...

Thank you so much, QNPoohBear! I'm glad you enjoyed it!