Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Sneak Peek Time!


Ah, spring! The birds are singing, my garden is sprouting…and after a quiet winter, the pile of pages that will be The Audacious Abduction, the ninth installment in The Ladies of Almack’s series, is starting to grow on my desk.

So what is happening with Annabel and the Ladies now? Well... 

Annabel is in Bath, recovering from the terrifying events in Brighton, when an unexpected visitor brings news of Quin, alive and well but practically a prisoner in his own house. The Lady Patronesses launch a daring, successful rescue, but the captive isn’t necessarily freed. Nor is he the only captive that needs rescuing…

I don’t have the release date yet—that’s in the works with Book View Café—but look for it some time this summer. These later books in the series are running a lot longer than the earlier ones—there are more story threads to weave together and characters and their journeys to choreograph—so the time between releases is longer. I hope you’ll think the waits worth it.

And here’s the sneak peek part: read the first chapter now! You can download it from BookFunnel to your e-reader, or just hop over to my website to read itonline.


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