Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Fashion Forecast: August 1917

What was the well-dressed young woman wearing in August 1917?

The reality of war seems to have caught up with designers this month: overall, styles have fewer fussy details, and a definitely military flavor has begun to creep in, as can be seen in both The Delineator...

And in this month’s McCall’s:


 Military style coats and dresses with less trimming, also from The Delineator:

The new military styling coming in this month will spell the eventual end of the barrel silhouette seen in the dress on the left, but for now, it's hanging on:

A few more military fashions from The Delineator (she looks like an army nanny, doesn't she?!):

And a daring outfit "for active service" from McCall's which includes bloomers and puttees:

The consciousness of the country's war status extended to learning how to "make do" as well and find new ways to use old garments. From a multi-page article from The Ladies' Home Journal, here are some tips on recycling chic:

Of interest are a section on lingerie from The Delineator:

And sports hats from McCall's--the sweaty headband and disheveled ponytail look for sports was definitely a thing of the future.  I wonder if Columbia still has a Millinery Department? ;) :

And lastly, teen fashions weren't exempt from the military look either, as seen in The Delineator here:

And here:

And here in McCall's:

And let's not forget the kids...perhaps more than any other war in American history, World War I had an enormous effect on our popular culture (The Delineator):

What do you think of August 1917's fashions?

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