Friday, August 19, 2016

Cover Reveal: A Convenient Christmas Wedding and a Guest

You know, getting a book’s tone and feel right has to be a daunting challenge for any artist, but especially for the artists of the Love Inspired lines. How many daring cowboys, Amish brides, and Regency lords can you draw and still keep things original and fresh? Yet, I am continually impressed by how they take an author’s jumbled ramblings about her heroine’s raven tresses and her hero’s manly chin and come up with something that captures the story.

Such is the case with my upcoming release, A Convenient Christmas Wedding (November 2016). This is the fifth book in my Frontier Bachelor series. Set during December 1866 in pioneer Seattle, the story follows Simon Wallin, second son of the logging family introduced in Would-Be Wilderness Wife, and Nora Underhill, the seamstress who befriends Maddie O’Rourke in Instant Frontier Family. But just as the artists got the tone right on the cover, so did my editor nail the book in the blurb:

Proposing a marriage of convenience to a rugged logger is the boldest move of Nora Underhill’s sheltered life. In return for Simon Wallin’s protection from her overbearing family, the unassuming seamstress offers prime frontier farmland. But their paper marriage changes when Nora’s greedy brother tries to draw her back into a life of drudgery. Her only option: move to Simon’s farm, and into the center of his loving, unruly family. 

Years of shouldering responsibility have left Simon cynical and reserved. But little by little, Nora’s warmth opens his shuttered heart to joy. With their marriage claim under threat, can this practical arrangement blossom over the holidays…and become a love for all seasons?

As many of you know, I often have an actress or actor in mind when I’m thinking about the physical characteristics of my hero and heroine. The heroine for this one may not be too familiar to some audiences, so I’ll come right out and tell you. It’s Abby Wilde, of Zoey 101 fame. But I encourage you to guess who my provided the physical look for my hero. In fact, if you guess, I’ll enter your name in a drawing next Friday to win a pack of three autographed books: Renee Ryan’s The Marriage Agreement, Louise M. Gouge’s Cowgirl for Keeps, and my Would-Be Wilderness Wife. Don't worry if someone else already made your guess. Just comment to be considered.

So, here are your hints. While he’s not seen as a stud today, in his early career this actor was such a hot Man he should have been put on Ice. He’s wielded a sword as well as a shot gun. Yes, he was a Real Genius back in the day. Want to take a guess?

But wait, there’s more!
I told you a while ago about how covers can evolve over time as readers and seasons change. I’m delighted to report that my first book, The Unflappable Miss Fairchild, has been reedited and given a new cover for your reading pleasure. This cover was designed by Kim Killion of The Killion Group. She also did the covers for my Lady Emily Capers. You can find the format you prefer on Smashwords.

I think that about covers it for this week. Looking forward to seeing your comments.


Melissa said...

Based on looks and hints, my guess would be Antonio Banderas.
I really enjoy reading your books. I do wish our library carried more of them.

Patty said...

Maybe Kevin Costner?


Regina Scott said...

Good try, Melissa and Patty! You are both entered in the drawing. Thanks for commenting!

Emily W said...

So I totally googled "Real Genius" so my guess is Val Kilmer. But I love that pick for Simon because from what we have seen of him so far he reminds me a little of the Doc Holliday character Kilmer played in Tombstone.

Lucy Reynolds said...

I have no idea, so I'll say Clark Gable. TY for he chance.

Regina Scott said...

Emily W and Lucy Reynolds--you are so clever! You are both entered in the drawing. Thank you for commenting!

Bethel Burton said...

Gabriel Jarret? He has softer features than Val kilmer. This was fun & not easy to guess!

Regina Scott said...

Good guess, Bethel Burton. You are entered in the drawing. Thanks for commenting!

Katherine Good said...

I commented on Facebook, but I'll leave it here too, just in case! How about Cary Elwes from Princess Bride? Blonde, wields a sword, but isn't as dashing as he once was...