Tuesday, October 6, 2009

In Which One of the Bloggers Desperately Tries to Find Some Unifying Title for a Lot of Snippets of Information and Fails Miserably

First, thank you all for your kind words on the release of Betraying Season—they’re very much appreciated! For one last bit of book release fun, I offer this video from M2 Productions, which I am smitten with:

Second, the winner of the drawing from Friday for a signed copy of Betraying Season is Miss Eliza! Miss E, please contact me here so we can arrange to have your book sent to you.

In the snippets department, I’ve been fortunate to acquire a number of issues of a magazine called The Mirror dating from 1824 and 1825. They make fascinating reading: what do you think of the illustration here for a proposed tunnel to be built under the Thames in the May 22, 1824 issue?

Then there’s this extract from an article about ballooning, entitled “On Aerial Travelling”, from the June 19, 1824 issue:

"We have yet to contrast this mode of travelling with that in ordinary rides, over which it maintains a vast ascendancy—you have not to tolerate those perpetually recurring delays occasioned by changing the cattle [horses]…no tiresome tax is levied by coachmen or guards…you are free…from the uncomfortable snatches of refreshment they may choose to provide which, however unpalatable, you are obliged to discuss amidst a heterogeneous assemblage as diverse in their tastes as in their appearance and manners…”

Hmm…flight delays? Extra charges for luggage? Bad airline food? Sounds like the more things change, the more they stay the same.

And last, there are lawyer jokes. No, I’m not kidding. How about this bit from the December 24, 1825 edition?

"Saint Evona, a lawyer of Britain, went to Rome to entreat the pope to give the lawyers a patron; the pope replied that he knew no saint not disposed of to some other profession. His holiness proposed, however, to saint Evona, that he should go round the church of San Giovanni di Laterano blindfold, and after saying a certain number of Ave Marias, the first saint he laid hold of should be his patron. This the good old lawyer undertook, and at the end of his Ave Marias, happened to stop at the altar of saint Michael, where he laid hold not of the saint, but unfortunately of the figure of the devil under the saint’s feet, crying out, “This is our saint, let him be our patron!”

Ah yes—the more things change…!


Mame said...

Haha..the last one is a riot.

Dara said...

I love book trailers! And that was purely awesome :)

Jennifer Rummel said...

Awesome book trailer :)

E.E. said...

Love the book trailer! :)

Meg (who can't remember her Google account info) said...

That book trailer is stunning, and I find the still so much more appealing than live-action book trailers.

Ahhh, poor lawyers. They never get a break, do they?

Marissa Doyle said...

So glad you enjoyed the trailer--I'm very happy at the splendid job Madison did on it.

And the fact that people have been making lawyer jokes for at least the last 200 years (and probably longer) IS hilarious...but what I enjoy the most about the fact is that it helps show that people are people, even 200 years ago. It warms the cockles of my history geekish heart.

Miss Eliza said...

Thanks so much for the competition! I can't wait to read the book.

Joanna said...

I love the old Victorian and Edwardian Magazines they are so richly amusing.

Oooh I and also really liked the book trailer. :)