Monday, November 29, 2010

Once Again, it’s Time to Play Name that Book!

We're pretty lucky, Regina and I, to have such fabulous readers. You've done such a good job helping us come up with lists of possible names for our upcoming books (even if most recently Regina's editor ending up moving in a different direction for hers) that I'm back for your help again…because I’m darned if I can think of a good title for my upcoming YA book, due out in early 2012.

Are you ready?

Book 3 is a companion to Bewitching Season and Betraying Season but set years earlier, in 1815, at the very end of the Napoleonic Wars. Readers of my first books might notice that one of the main characters is Lady Parthenope Hardcastle, whom they have already met as the mother of Persy and Pen Leland…but who is a teen herself in this book. It's about magic and political intrigue and love, but it’s also about a handicapped person coming to terms with how the world sees her and how she sees herself, in a time and place much less accepting than ours. Here’s a brief “jacket copy” type description of the story:

Two years ago, illness left Lady Sophie Rosier unable to walk except with a cane…and also took both her mother and her magical powers. Now it’s 1815 and time for her first London season, and a girl who once loved to dance is forced to watch while others waltz on strong, untwisted legs and flirt with boys who don't even seem to see her.

On the night of her first party Sophie’s father is nearly crushed by a falling statue, and only she knows that a magic spell was behind the “accident”. When other members of government suffer similar magical attacks, Sophie and her new best friend Parthenope decide to investigate. It’s not an easy task when she can’t rely on her slowly-returning magic to help—or keep her thoughts off Parthenope’s handsome cousin, the Earl of Woodbridge…except that the safety of England may very well be at stake.

In the glittering ballrooms of Regency London and Brussels on the eve of the Battle of Waterloo you’ll meet a sketchy fortune hunter, a magic-sensing parakeet, a long-lost love, a plant-obsessed aunt, and the Duke of Wellington…and a courageous young girl trying to find her balance in a difficult world.

Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind: my editor thinks that the title should focus on the magical and romantic elements of the story; it won’t be necessary to include anything historical since the cover illustration will make that obvious. And no, “season” should not be part of the title since it more or less stands alone. I’ve used "The Waterloo Plot" and "Magic in Season" as working titles, but neither of those is quite right.

And so, Dear Readers…let’s brainstorm some titles! As Regina did, I’m happy to offer an advanced reading copy (not available till late next summer, probably) if one of you comes up with the title that gets chosen by my publisher…but in the meanwhile, just for fun, I’ll also have a drawing for a copy of either Bewitching Season or Betraying Season (your choice) from among anyone who comments with a possible title.

Questions or clarifications? Ask away…and thank you!!


Anonymous said...

Magic in Time
Timely Magic
Magic Beforehand
Magic Beseiged


Mame said...

Courting Charm?

Anonymous said...

A Party to Magic

Katie L. Carroll said...

My best thought:

The Illusion of Balance

If you really want magic in the title, you could replace "Illusion" with "Magic."

Emily said...

Twisted Charms

Charming Secrets

Charming Sercret

pie said...

The Abilities of Lady Sophie

And, because I can't resist:
A Season of Strength
A Magical Season/A Season of Magic

eecoburn said...

A Dangerous Dance
Broken Magic

Robin Lemke said...

Sophie's Charms (see, Charms references both the romance and the magic!)

I'll post again if I can think of more. Gotta put the kids to bed and think on it. ;)

DeenaML said...

Twisted Magic
A Magical Twist
A Hand in Magic
A Dance of Magic
To Dance with Magic
Seasoned Magic
Charmed Season

Good luck! I am not good at titles either, but did come up with something better for my SISTERS book from the retreat. :)

Marissa Doyle said...

This is great!!

I've been thinking a little more about the major themes in the addition to the obvious magic and intrigue and romance elements, Sophie's learning to trust again--both herself and others--is very important. And friendship, too. I sometimes call this "Sophie and Parthenope's Excellent Adventure", but I don't think that'll wash... :)

Mame said...

Charms and Chances

Anonymous said...

Magics and Accidents

Accidental Magics

Magic in Balance

Sophie and the Most Unfortunate Fortune

The Convalescence of Sophie; Or, How the Girl Got Her Charms Back

Magic on the Mend

Sophie's Waterloo

Learning to Dance (Miss Parthenope's Primer)

Hobbled Magic

The Magical Convalescence of Sophie Rosier, Friend to Parthenope, But No Friend of Parakeets

Jessica said...

Sophie's Charms
The Magic of Friendship
A Magic Twist
Friends and Folly
A Deceptive and Daring Dance
A Spell for Sophie

Mame said...

Courting Magic!

*Okay, I like that one too much.

Swallow-inthe-Cloud said...

Spellbound by Waterloo
Bewitching Politics
Enchantment at Waterloo
Returning Powers
Charming Politics
The Witch's Trial (Sophie is the witch and it's a trying and difficult time for her)

Swallow-inthe-Cloud said...

Or The Witch's Test
The Sorceress's Trust
The Magical World of Love and Politics
Trusting Magic
Returning Faith
Faith in Magic
Supernatural Politics
Love, Power, and Friendship (power stands for both magic and politics)
Needing Magic

Marissa Doyle said...

These are great--you're doing a fabulous job!

The parakeet is actually friendly, Ann, and helps Sophie and Parthenope out quite a bit. His name is Hester. Really. :)

I like "Courting Magic" too, Aimee.

Joanna said...
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Vicky said...

I love Broken Magic. What about A Return to Magic? or Pining for Magic?

Lynne_Marie said...

Courting Disaster, Physical Charms, Spelling Trouble, Destiny's Dance, Magical Malady -- that's my first round LOL

Marissa Doyle said...

Thank you so much for your help, everyone! If you still want to suggest names over the weekend, please do--I won't draw a name for the prize till Tuesday morning.

I'll make a list of these and play with it a bit, and send it off to my editor...when we have a final name, I'll let you know. Thank you all again for your help!

Sai.sai said...

making magic
magic and the first season
the first season(i couldn't resist) :]
finding magic
dancing with magic
balancing with magic
saving magic all i can think of is "magic"
i'll try later if i can think of others

Sai.sai said...

how 'bout:
trusting magic

well...i'll try again till i get this right

Alex said...

Waterloo Magic
Courtly Magic
Waterloo Charms
Balancing Charm
Trusting Charm

Melanie said...

Courting Magic
A Season of Magic
Magic in the Air

Anonymous said...

I have a few suggestions
London Magic
The Illusion of Magic in London
Kindred Magic
The Grand Illusion
Courting an Illusion
Trust in Magic
Magical Dance