Friday, November 5, 2010

Title, Title, Who Has a Title?

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming with a request for assistance. You see, my editor on my second book for Love Inspired Historical would like additional suggestions on a title for the book. In the past, you all have been very helpful to Marissa; this group helped come up with the name Betraying Season for her award-winning YA novel. So, will you put on your thinking caps for me?

Here’s the situation: My hero, Trevor Fitzwilliam, is a bit of a bad boy. (I picture him as looking a bit like Brandon Routh--tall, dark, and brooding.) A commoner by birth, he’s managed to use his considerable talents to help a few lords clear up embarrassing matters like blackmail and gambling debts. One was so thankful, and powerful, he petitioned the King for a baronetcy for Trevor. So, at the beginning of the story, Sir Trevor is on his way to the Lakes District to see the estate someone kindly donated to his title (the below picture shows my vision of the place, sans the cars, of course). Trevor quickly learns why someone wanted to get rid of the place. Any income from the estate came from a graphite mine that is now closed, and Blackcliff Hall is in dire need of repairs. He’d just as soon ride back to London and pretend he never saw the place, but the daughter of the former steward, Gwen Allbridge, is determined that he live up to his new title of Lord of the Manor. In the resulting struggle of wills, secrets come to light that will change Sir Trevor and Gwen’s lives forever.

My editor would like the title of the book to play on Sir Trevor’s title. Officially, he’s Sir Trevor Fitzwilliam of Blackcliff. And, of course, he’s a baronet. I had originally titled it The Bold Baronet, but she’s not keen on it. And yes, he has to stay a baronet. He’s a secondary character in my first book for them, The Irresistible Earl, and changing all those Sir Trevors to something else isn’t in the cards.

So, ideas? Thoughts? Suggestions?

If you happen to offer the title my editor picks, you may have your pick: a copy of La Petite Four now or an unbound advanced reading copy of The Irresistible Earl in January or February when I get my copies. I have to have suggestions back to my editor by Tuesday, so I will take any suggestions until midnight on November 8.

Thanks! Oh, and by the way, happy Guy Fawkes Day! Today would have been a great day for fireworks in the nineteenth century. Learn more from Marissa’s original post on the subject.


Vicky said...

Poor Sir Trevor! He sounds more like the Broke Baronet, but that doesn't sound very 19th century, does it? I'll keep thinking.

Marissa Doyle said...

I'm trying to think of a fun riff on "To Sir, with Love", but nothing's coming to mind... :) I'm sure we'll be able to come up with a list for you, though.

Regina Scott said...

Vicky, yeah, we probably want to go with the nineteenth century feel, and, since this is a romance, it probably needs to be something mushy too. :-)

Marissa, my dear--"To Sir Trevor, with Love," would be grand, except Julia Quinn already did "To Sir Phillip, with Love," so I probably can't use it!

But something with Sir Trevor in it is a great idea!

Shirley Marks said...

The temptation of an ARC of The Irresistible Earl cannot be overlooked... I must toss in my suggestion(s.)

Sir Trevor's Salvation
The Burdened Baronet
The Baronet's Bequeath

Regina Scott said...

Ooo, Shirley--you're good! Now I know why your books have great titles!

Marissa Doyle said...

Well, darn that Julia Quinn anyway! :)

What color hair does Gwen have? I'm thinking silly things like The Baronet and the Redhead if she's feisty... The Baronet and the Brunette? :) The Baronet Meets his Match?

Sierra Gardner said...

This isn't exactly what your editor was looking for, but I really liked Blackcliff Manor as a title. Or The Baronet of Blackcliff Manor.

Regina Scott said...

Actually, she is a redhead. I picture a young Debra Messing, or the model on the cover of Teresa Medeiros' The Devil Wears Plaid. Not sure how to put a picture in a comment, but you can see it at

Regina Scott said...


Nice! I'll add that to the list. Thanks!

QNPoohBear said...

Shirley has some great suggestions but I'll throw in mine.

How about The Beleaguered Baronet?

Anonymous said...

The Baritone Baronet

Though he would need to have something possibly to do with singing.... hmmm or it could be to do with his personality?

I really am not that great of thinking of names.

Jessica said...

The Bedeviled Baronet?
Blackcliff and the Baronet?
Burdened by Blackcliff?

Regina Scott said...

Good thoughts, QnPoohBear and Jessica! Keep 'em coming!

Ettie, coming up with titles is not as easy as it looks, at least for me! That's why I'm glad you all are throwing out suggestions!

Shirley Marks said...

I had come up with The Beleaguered Baronet too, PoohBear, but I thought it was sort of a mouthful.

Jessica said...

Bearing With the Baronetcy
Beauty and the Baronet
A Most Begrudging Baronet

bjk said...

Fitzwilliam's Folly

Regina Scott said...

You guys rock! I *love* Beauty and the Baronet and Fitzwilliam's Folly! My editor is going to have her hands full trying to pick the winner!

What ya got?

Regina Scott said...

Um, that should be what *else* ya got?


Marissa Doyle said...

You guys are wonderful! This is good, because I'll probably be coming to ask you the same favor shortly. :)

Shirley Marks said...

Ooooh... I love Beauty and the Baronet too! Fiztwilliam's Folly pretty nice.

There will be a lot of good titles to choose from.

Your editor is going to think you're a genius, Regina. :)

QNPoohBear said...

B- I love Fitzwilliam's Folly. You always have creative ideas.

another suggestion:
Sir Trevor's Tribulation

Janine DeJesus said...

I'm never good with titles. The only thing I thought when reading was The Brooding Baronet because of the picture you provided, but personally I like Beauty and the Baronet. Good luck with finding it though :)

Regina Scott said...

These are wonderful! If anyone else has ideas, let us know.

And for those of you who don't have ideas, don't feel bad. Coming up with titles, I am convinced, takes a specific gene, and I seem to be lacking it. So glad so many of you are genetically gifted! :-)

Sai.sai said...

I love Beauty and the Baronet!
has your editor decided on the title yet?
I'd like try my hand at titles....hmmmm....

the black baronet of blackcliffe hall
the baronet's secret
red and the baronet
flame of blackcliffe
the baronet's red flame?

Regina Scott said...

Sai Sai, you squeaked in under the wire! I was going to send the suggestions to my editor this morning and saw your note when I booted up.

I hope to have an answer for you all by Friday, but it may be next week if my editor is swamped.