Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Introducing Vaughn Everard from The Rake's Redemption

[We are pleased to once again welcome Samantha Everard to Nineteenteen. The sixteen-year-old Lady Everard, a baroness in her own right, has proven rather adept at interviewing her recently discovered cousins and their roles in the Everard Legacy miniseries. The third book of the series, The Rake’s Redemption, is out this week from Love Inspired Historical. Be sure to come back on Friday for a special quiz and a chance to win an autographed copy.]

Samantha: Delighted to be back. I have with me today my most dashing cousin Vaughn Everard. Or at least he was here with me. He has a bit of an obsession with trying to discovery who murdered my father. Excuse me. (Hops off chair, peers around corner, beckons to someone, returns with a tall, striking platinum-haired man.) Yes, well, Vaughn, introduce yourself to our delightful readers.

Vaughn, sweeping a dramatic bow that reveals the sword at his side: Dear ladies, your servant, Vaughn Everard.

Samantha: I see you couldn’t leave your blade at home. Did you bring the book of poetry I asked?

Vaughn, flicking a speck of dust off the lapel of his crimson coat as he straightens: Alas, I fear not. But if you need a recitation, you have only to ask.

Samantha, brightening: Oh, yes, please. Say something poetic.

Vaughn, raising his head and gazing off into the distance:

Faith finds what mind and will deny
And lights the heart that wanders lost.
Love fills each void and heals the cry
Of one who could not count the cost;
Who spent a lifetime wondering why
And squandered time as so much dross.

Now hope flies close on gilded wing
And love can blossom in a kiss;
The dark dethroned like aged kings
That now will nevermore be missed.
And I who scoffed at many things
Believe again, and rise to bliss.

Samantha, fanning herself: Oh, my. Was I the inspiration for that?

Vaughn, lowering his gaze and chucking her under the chin: Not precisely, infant.

Samantha, dropping her hand with a frown: Oh? Who was? You’ve fallen in love, that’s clear as day! What lady has finally touched your heart?

Vaughn, turning away: Don’t ask questions to which you won’t like the answers.

Samantha, with a gasp: You mean? Oh, Vaughn, not her. She’ll break your heart. And if she doesn’t, her father certainly will see to it she’ll never wed you. After all, you think he murdered my father!

Vaughn: Enough! It matters not. I set out to find a killer and traitor to England and bring him to justice, and I won’t be swayed, for anyone. Now, if you’ll excuse me.

Samantha, watching him go: All right, but I’ll be here if you need me.

You can learn more about the poet and duelist Vaughn Everard, his quest for vengeance, and the lady who has stolen his heart, in The Rake’s Redemption, available from fine retailers like these:

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QNPoohBear said...

SWOON! ooh I'm soo heartbroken Vaughn has fallen in love at last! And what about you Miss Samantha? Has your heart been touched at all? I can't wait to find out.I have the book on order already!

Samantha Everard said...

Well, there is a rather sophisticated gentleman who has begun calling, though Adele and Lady Claire don't like him, but only time will tell. Right now, I'm more interested in making sure Vaughn doesn't get his heart broken. It hurts when the person you love doesn't love you back.