Friday, November 9, 2012

Win a Date with an Everard

The three books in the Everard legacy miniseries thus far feature three very different gentlemen, and some of you have indicated preferences on the heroes. But do you know which gentleman really aligns with you, which one would make your heart go pitter patter, which one you’d be tempted to join in a walk down the aisle?

Take our Win a Date with an Everard quiz below and find out! Just tally how many of each letter you choose, then look in the comments section to see which Everard is your match. Let us know how you did in your own comment by midnight next Thursday, November 8, and your name will be entered to win an autographed copy of any one of the three books, even this week’s release The Rake’s Redemption. Your choice. Good luck!

1. When it comes to a gentleman’s physique, you prefer them:
a. Tall, dark, and handsome
b. Mustachioed and manly
c. Athletic and wiry

2. A pleasant activity to share with a gentleman on a sunny afternoon would be:
a. Riding in Hyde Park
b. Sailing on the Thames
c. Taking in a pugilistic match

3. When discussing literature, you’d prefer your stories:
a. Nonfiction, true-to-life
b. A good adventure or romantic yarn
c. Stirring poetry

4. When attending the theatre, you lean toward:
a. A Shakespearean drama
b. A witty satire
c. A compelling opera

5. As for partnering a gentleman in a dance, you gravitate toward:
a. A stately minuet
b. A lively country dance
c. The waltz

6. You believe that an intimate conversation with a gentleman should be:
a. Clever and engaging
b. Quiet and heart-felt
c. Intense and personal

7. When it comes to courting, you prefer a gentleman who will:
a. Follow all the traditions of society, from showering you with flowers to taking you driving
b. Become your closest friend before confiding his secret love
c. Sweep you off your feet and into his arms.


Regina Scott said...

How did you do?

More a answers: Jerome Everard (bottom picture on post). Witty, urbane, and smooth, Jerome is a thinker who follows through with swift action, going after what he wants with passion.

More b answers: Captain Richard Everard (middle picture on post). Kind, considerate, and willing to sacrifice to achieve his goals, Richard is a man you can turn to when the chips are down.

More c answers: Vaughn Everard (top picture on post). Flamboyant, chivalrous, and driven, Vaughn makes even everyday life more vivid and exciting.

J.Grace said...

Thanks for the drawing. I would love to win The Rake’s Redemption.

After taking the quiz I ended up scoring more A's.
So it's Jerome Everard and Captain Richard with a very close second place.

arieljo12 at hotmail dot com

QNPoohBear said...

Fun quiz! I got Richard but I'm hopelessly in love with Vaughn!

*I already have all three books so no need to enter me in the contest.

Regina Scott said...

Nice, J. Grace! You are entered!

Regina Scott said...

Commiserations, QNPoohBear! I have a soft spot for Vaughn too.

If you'd like, I can still enter you in the contest, and you can pick any of the books I still have copies of. We can dicker if you win. :-)

QNPoohBear said...

Regina: I own most of your books already! Thanks for offering. I'll let someone else share the fun this time.

LilMissMolly said...

I'm a Captain Richard Everard kind of girl. Love it!

Regina Scott said...

Yeah, LilMissMolly, he's a keeper for sure. :-) Thanks for taking the quiz!

Lane Hill House said...

The Captain

Regina Scott said...

Hm, looks like Richard has a loyal following. :-) Thanks!

Unknown said...

It seems I'm meant for Jerome Everard!! love the quiz- super cute! ~Sarah

Regina Scott said...

Thanks, Sarah! Glad you enjoyed it!