Friday, March 8, 2013

So You Say You Know the Everards? Prove It!

I know many of you have read at least one of the books in the Everard Legacy series (because you told me so—thank you!), but just how much do you know about the Everard family, Jerome, Richard, Vaughn, and Samantha? Take the following quiz, then post a comment letting me how you did. If you get 100%, you must might find a signed copy of whichever one of my books you choose winging its way to you! (I’ll be drawing for one of several copies next week.)

Get your Everard on!

1. The name of the fellow whose death started the entire series was

a. Ambrose, Earl of Evermore

b. Arthur, Lord Everard

c. Mr. Carruthers

d. Mr. Walcott

2. Jerome’s forte is

a. Charm

b. Gambling

c. Riding

d. Fencing

3. Richard left England to seek his fortune as a

a. Captain in the Horse Guards

b. Captain in the merchant marine

c. Sailor on a privateer

d. Farmer in India

4. Vaughn is equally well known for

a. Pride and prejudice

b. Gambling and drinking

c. Poetry and dueling

d. Lace and lavender

5. Samantha has two pastimes somewhat unusual for a lady of her time. They are

a. Drizzling and weaving

b. Boxing and composing symphonies

c. Boxing and fencing

d. Portrait painting and mountain climbing

6. Samantha’s childhood home in Cumbria is called

a. Samantha’s Estate

b. Everard Alley

c. Primrose Hill

d. Dallsten Manor

7. The house where the Everards live in London is called

a. Dallsten Manor

b. Primrose Hill

c. Everard House

d. The British Museum

8. The Everard title is

a. An earldom

b. A dukedom

c. A barony

d. Entirely too short and unoriginal

9. Samantha calls the little neighbor boy she is fond of

a. Jamie

b. Georgie

c. Priscilla

d. Hey, you

10. The names of Vaughn’s favorite carriage horses are

a. David and Goliath

b. Aeos and Aethon

c. Laverne and Shirley

d. Thunder and Lightning.

Answers are listed in the first comment. Do let me know how it goes! And if you’d like a little more fun today, stop by Regency author Ella Quinn’s blog, where she’s interviewing me and we posted another excerpt from The Heiress’s Homecoming, this one with Samantha in a sword fight. :-)


Laura AKA Loves 2 Read Romance said...

I don't see the answers! Am I too early??

Regina Scott said...

Oh, Laura, you make two Lauras who let me know! So sorry! Here are the answers. Bless you!

1—B—Arthur, Lord Everard, was mysteriously killed, and his three nephews, who had expected to inherit his considerable legacy, discovered he’d left the bulk of it to a daughter they didn’t know he had.

2—A—Jerome used charm to manage much of the legacy for his uncle, but somehow it doesn’t work quite so well on the lady who may know his uncle’s secrets, Adele Walcott.

3—C—Richard started his seafaring life as a privateer. The original Lord Everard earned his title by saving a lady who had been captured by pirates on the high seas. Richard was only following family tradition.

4—C—The fame of Vaughn Everard’s impassioned poetry is only exceeded by the gossip about the duels he’s fought. Though he does wear lace at his wrists, and I imagine he’s not opposed to lavender.

5—C—With three male cousins, Samantha needs all the help she can get, so she’s learned to fight and fence.

6—D—Samantha was raised in the remote Evendale valley at Dallsten Manor.

7—C—Yes, I simply named their house after them. 

8—C—Samantha is one of those rare baronesses in her own right.

9—A—Although Jamie is so much in love with her that he would probably answer to Priscilla too.

10—B—For two of the horses that pull the chariot of the sun. Although I was really tempted to tell you they were named Laverne and Shirley.

Again, my apologies for not posting this sooner! I don't know where my brain is these days!

Laura AKA Loves 2 Read Romance said...

Okay I missed two questions. And actually I am the same Laura that a commented on the facebook link. Good luck everyone else!

QNPoohBear said...

I got them all correct! I went to B&N over the weekend to look for the book and they didn't have it in stock! I'd love to try to win a copy.

Regina Scott said...

Nice try, Laura! And well done, QNPoohBear! I'm am disappointed that your local B&N doesn't carry the book. My local one doesn't carry Love Inspired either. We have to get ours at Walmark or Fred Meyer, though I hear some pharmacies may carry them as well back East.

I will enter you in the drawing, my dear!