Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Young Bluestockings Attend the Cinema: April Movie!

Here at NineteenTeen, we LOVE books (and if you don't believe me, I'll show you a picture of all the walking paths in my home totally blocked by stacks of books)...and we also love movies based on books.

Or, at least, we love talking about them. ("The book was better!" "The movie made the characters live!" "Those costumes were bizarre!")

When we get together to talk about movies based on books, we call it "Young Bluestockings Attend the Cinema"! (We're bluestockings because we're all love books so much that we risk being called bluestockings by all the dandies out there, and we don't mind one bit!)

Our next movie:  drumroll, please!   Is
LITTLE WOMEN from 1994!  To be discussed on April 23!

Based on perhaps the most beloved and influential book about teen girls ever written, this movie stars everyone from Winona Ryder, Susan Sarandon, and Kirsten Dunst to CHRISTIAN BALE!  Yes, Batman is in the house, but he's young...and he smiles.  In fact, sometimes he even laughs.   (Special effects were really good in those days!)

So all you need to do is watch it (or remember it, if you've already seen it), and stop back in here on Tuesday, April 23, when we'll all discuss it!

Please join us!

The 1994 LITTLE WOMEN movie is available on DVD, Netflix DVD, iTunes HD, Amazon Instant Video, and quite possibly from your local library.


Marissa Doyle said...

So the guy from the 1995 P&P left me utterly cold, but I do think Christian Bale was absolutely adorable here. And, uh, later on too (blushing delicately).

Cara King said...

LOL, Marissa! I first knew Christian Bale from Newsies (which I loved!), so to me, his Batman is the strange one. I keep expecting him to sing and dance! :-)

Regina Scott said...

You know, I somehow missed this one. Looking forward to watching it and talking about it with you all! I adored the book growing up. I named one of my Kiddle dolls Laurie. :-)

J.Grace said...

Well, I hate to admit this but I yet to read Little Women. It is in my to read pile so I will attempt to read this by the 23rd.

The movie seems to have some great characters as well.

Cara King said...

It was possibly my favorite book growing up, Regina! That and Lord of the Rings. :-) I wanted to be Jo, I wanted to be Beth... I wanted to wear long dresses and go to balls and put on plays with my nonexistent sisters and read Undine and Tristram, whatever that was!

J Grace, I'd recommend it! It's of its time, but the characters really shine through, especially Jo. (IMHO!)

Cara King said...

I just noticed -- I changed my google photo, and now my two comments have different photos attached! Very strange... :-)

QNPoohBear said...

I'd recommend skipping this horribly miscast version and go with the Katherine Hepburn version. She's an awesome Jo aside from a few stupid moments. Louisa May Alcott is my hero. I've visited her home many times. I highly suggested reading the book before seeing the movie. It's rather preachy by modern standards but it's a reflection of Louisa's Transcendental upbringing and well worth a read. Her adult gothic tales are also amazing.

Cara King said...

Thanks for your perspective, QNPoohBear! But though you might think folks should skip this version, I think they should watch it so they can join us next month and tell us what they thought of it! ;-)

And if folks want to compare it to the Hepburn version (or the June Allyson version!), that would be fun, too!

I'm a big Alcott fan, too, though you've far eclipsed me there! I read all her kids' stuff I could find, but I've yet to read any of her adult novels, though I own a bunch. And I've only visited her home once... (So interesting to see Amy's paintings for real!)