Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Still Here...

In this age of constantly changing fad and fashion in the world of consumer goods, it’s pretty interesting to note just how many companies and products are anything but a fad, and are indeed chugging along after nearly a hundred years. We’ve already seen how long-lived a brand Keds are...and here are a few others, from my collection of vintage magazines:

This one’s just gorgeous! Palmolive Soap, from McCall’s Magazine, June 1917:

Cookies never go out of style: Nabisco Sugar Wafers, from Harper’s Weekly, February 22, 1902:

Who knew that Vaseline came in different flavors? (McCall’s Magazine, January 1909):

Ermegerd! Jell-O!! (McCall’s Magazine, October 1910)

Eveready Batteries, before the Energizer Bunny: (Collier’s Magazine, July 28, 1917)

Ivory Soap (McCall’s Magazine, August 1910):

Coke, back when it still had small amounts of a now-controlled substance as an ingredient: (McCall’s Magazine, June 1917):

Even mattresses (McCall’s Magazine, October 1910):

This one, however, totally wins...from La Belle Assemblee, February, 1811...for Pears’s Soap!

Any products here you still use?  Do you wish their ads still looked like these?


Leandra Wallace said...

I'll keep the cookies and the Coke, but the Jello can gladly go! =) Never been much of a fan of that stuff.

mary sullivan said...

Great post, Marissa. I had no idea these products were so old. I used to use Pears soap all the time when I was younger, but had no clue it was also used in the Regency era!

Marissa Doyle said...

Yeah, apart from the pina colada flavor, I can give it a miss too!

Isn't that wonderful, Mary? I used to use it too!

QNPoohBear said...

Those ads are incredible! The state Historical Society had Victorian era ads scattered around the house when they had their Christmas party this past year. It was really fun to read them and look at the illustrations. I like looking at the ads in the backs of the fashion magazines in the early 1900s.