Friday, May 23, 2014

Four Things on a Friday

Sometimes so many things catch your eye in a week that you just have to share them all!  So, I give you four things on a Friday:

1.  Some of the foodstuffs mentioned in nineteenth century literature are certainly interesting!  Ever wonder what calf’s foot jelly looks like?  Check out this blog post by Regency author Susan Karsten.  The picture alone has me shivering!  

2.  Mark your calendars for October 26, when PBS stations will be begin broadcasting Death Comes to Pemberley, based on the book by P.D. James and Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.  Reviews are mixed for both the book and the miniseries, but the acting, costuming, and sets should be amazing! 

3.  Can’t get enough of 19th century art?  Now you can see it (and use it) for free!  This week the Metropolitan Museum announced that it is releasing 400,000 images of itsworks, all free for noncommercial use.  Not all of them are paintings.  Check out these beautiful evening shoes dating from 1875. 

4.  Did you know that over the last hundred years, thousands of people have drowned in the River Thames?  Their grieving families have nowhere to go to remember them.  Now the former curator of the Thames Police Museum and a local artist are teaming to create a memorial to those lost.  You can learn more about it and perhaps donate here

For those of you in the states, may you have a lovely and thoughtful Memorial Day weekend!  Everyone else, carry on!


Sue Bursztynski said...

The mind boggles at te idea of sweetened calf's foot jelly, but it's amazing what concoctions of sweet and savoury they made in te Middle Ages, so why not the Regency as well?

The savoury form is yummy, my mum used to make it(not recently). A bit of pepper on top and a squeeze of lemon juice... Mmm...

Regina Scott said...

Sweet and savory is actually one of my favorite combinations, Sue. I love things like sweet and sour pork and salmon with berry sauce. Now you've made me want to try calf's foot jelly! Thanks for commenting!

Marissa Doyle said...

Hmm. I'm one of those non-fans of Death Comes to Pemberley (not a big fan of Jane Austen continuations in general), but yes, it will probably be worth checking out the costumes and sets.