Friday, October 3, 2014

Costuming the Author, and the Reader

Fall is in the air, and Halloween is coming!  Already I'm seeing advertisements for masquerades and costume contests.  Marissa has posted in the past about the types of costumes our nineteenth century lads and lasses might have worn.  They enjoyed playing dress up.  Today’s author of nineteenth century romance is not immune, and, I'm betting, neither is her readers.  So, to get you thinking about how you might design your own outfit, here are some examples from my sister romance authors.

You can, of course, pay a seamstress to design you a costume.  I am so envious of these amazing gowns worn by the talented Collette Cameron and the wonderful Ella Quinn.  Looking good, ladies!

Or, you might be handy with a sewing machine yourself.  Several patterns are available these days.  Immediately below is acclaimed Regency author April Kihlstrom in a fetching red gown. And farther down is Golden Heart Award winner Kristi Ann Hunter in one she and her mother made together.

Then again, you might find a costume awaiting you in your favorite thrift store.  Doesn’t the delightful Georgie Lee look festive in her frugal find? 

Finally, some fashions from earlier years can be readily adapted to “faux Regency.”  When I wear this one with the flocked orange roses next to Marissa in her seamstress’s creation, I always say I must be the poor relation.  J

But then again, I have another costume I much prefer.  That's Sir Reginald with the regal Marjorie Allen.  

What do you think?  Any of these approaches appeal to you?

Many thanks to my models, most of whom are members of my beloved Beau Monde Chapter of Romance Writers of America.TM


Cara King said...

Ah, Sir Reginald! He broke my heart, but I love him still.

Love these pictures!


Regina Scott said...

Thanks, Cara! I miss Sir Reginald. I'm not sure he's returned from the Continent yet after fleeing a duel with Sir Carolus. Perhaps he'll feel more the thing next summer in New York. :-)

QNPoohBear said...

I'm all about the thrifty faux Regency approach right now. Though I'd rather have a true seamstress made dress, that requires 1) money and 2)period undergarments which = money again. I found a beautiful white embroidered boho blouse and skirt set at an Indian store nearby. In a pinch, with some modification, it will do. I love drooling over the amazing costumes at the Jane Austen Festival in Bath last year. From the photos of this year's event, it looks like everyone outdid themselves!

Regina Scott said...

Oh, my goodness, QNPoohBear, but you are right! The costumes at the Jane Austen Festival are downright swoon-worthy! But the Indian blouse and skirt sound like they would do very well. Author Delilah Marvelle came to the Beau Monde annual soiree a couple years ago in a gorgeous Regency gown that had been made from a sari. Very effective!

Ella Quinn - Romance Novelist said...

I love Sir Reginald!! I do hope he returns soon! Thank you so much for this post, Regina!! I shared all over!

Regina Scott said...

Thanks, Ella! Gorgeous dress! I understand it's based on an 1814 French design. Nice!