Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Blackmail is Such an Ugly Word…


In The Missing Missives, the seventh book in The Ladies of Almack's series, questions are answered...but more are asked.

Poor Annabel is still reeling from the shock of being cut dead by Quin when she receives a summons to a special investigation by the Lady Patronesses of a highly sensitive nature. Someone has stolen letters written by Princess Amelia, George III’s youngest daughter, to her secret love, and is threatening to send them to the king unless a substantial payment is made. Worse yet, the king’s health is so precarious that such a shock might send him back into madness. The Ladies need to find the blackmailer and get those letters, but nothing is as simple as it seems here.

This is a story of contrasts—the high emotion of Annabel dealing with Quin’s rejection and the sheer silliness of the lovelorn pigeon whom Annabel tries to help…and oddly enough (or perhaps not so oddly), everything is somehow connected. There’s a lot going on here, and the foundation for the remainder of the series is revealeda little. And I should really stop teasing now…

The Missing Missives can be purchased directly from the publisher, Book View Café, in both EPUB and MOBI formats as well as from all the usual online bookstore outlets. Print versions can be found at Barnes and Noble and Amazon via the link below. And you can read a sample here.

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