Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Keeping Warm...With a Good Book

The discovery of polar vortices may be a modern event, but cold weather has always been a matter to contend with. I will contend, however, that cold weather has seldom been braved as stylishly as here:

This stunning number is “The Polish Robe and Hat. An entirely new design for the Kensington Garden Walking Dress in March 1807.”  The description reads:

No. 1 – Walking Dress. A Polish Robe of purple velvet, flowing open in front, rounded gradually from the bottom towards the lapels, which are continued across the back. A chemisette of the same, with high full collar; the whole trimmed entirely round with the red fox, mole, leopard spot, or grey squirrel. A rich cord and tassel fastened in the center of the back, which occasionally confines the robe. The back and skirt cut in one; and the sleeve nearly to fit the arm. Polish cap of the same material, trimmed round the edge, and across the crown, with correspondent skin; a cord and tassels suspended in irregular lengths from the right side of the crown. York tan gloves; and primrose, or purple shoes.

Wow! The hat—the swinging cords—the purple—what’s not to love about this ensemble? It just looks sooooo cozy in an over-the-top sort of way; I’m sure this outfit would turn heads when worn on a stroll in Kensington Garden.

But since wearing a cozy purple velvet pelisse in Kensington Garden is not something most of us can do this winter, I’ve got another idea that might keep you warm—because there’s nothing better to do on a cold, blustery day than curl up and read!

Barnes and Noble is running their first #NOOKBOOKBASH--a special offer of over two hundred books, many of them first-in-series, ranging from romance to science fiction to mysteries and thrillers—all FREE with a special coupon code...and if you like what you read, there’s another coupon for getting the next-in-series books for 25% off.  You don’t need to own a NOOK device to read—you can download the free NOOK app to your computer, phone, or tablet and read 'em there.

Here’s how it works:

1: Visit  https://www.barnesandnoble.com/b/nook-book-bash/_/N-2s47 on your desktop or device (coupons cannot be redeemed on a NOOK device or inside the NOOK app) and snap up your next favorite reads.
2: Add featured ebook(s) to the cart
3: When you’re done shopping, view your shopping cart
4: Apply Coupon Code NOOKBASHFREE below the Order Summary.
5. Complete check out. Your new books will automatically appear in your NOOK library.
6. And hey presto! You’ve got books! There are no limits—you can get as many of the offered books as you want!

To get the next-in-series book, check out the Second Book list on the same page, and at checkout, use coupon NOOKBASH25 to get 25% off those titles. The only tricky bit is that you can’t use both coupons in one transaction, so get your free books first and check out for any sequels separately.

Feel free to pass this on to your friends—and the offer is good through February 28, 2019, so you have plenty of time to browse. My own Skin Deep is on offer there—go have a look, and stay warm with a good book!

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QNPoohBear said...

That Polish robe is gorgeous! If we could replace the fur with faux fur, I'd wear that! Thank you for the Nook code. I have been enjoying my Kindle Unlimited discounted subscription, especially when it's been too cold to go to the library. I stock up on e-books for winter and summer storms.