Tuesday, May 14, 2019

She Doesn’t Look a Day Over 180, Does She?

Cake? Check.
Party hats? Of course.
Two hundred candles? Umm...maybe we ought to call the fire department, just in case...

This coming Saturday is the 200th birthday of my favorite British monarch, one who should bewell known by now to NineteenTeen readers.

We’ve learned about theextraordinary circumstances surrounding her birth, her rather lonely upbringing, the challenges she faced as she grew ever closer to the throne during her uncle’s(King William IV) decline, and her triumphal ascension as Queen Regnant shortlyafter her eighteenth birthday...as well as some of her early missteps. Sometimes controversial, often admirable, always fascinating (how often has a woman come to embody a historical era?)...let’s wish Queen Victoria a very happy 200th birthday!

And in case you want your piece of birthday cake home-baked...try this recipe for a Victoria Sponge, which was evidently one of her favorites for afternoon tea, courtesy of the New York Times:

Enjoy! And eat a slice for Her Majesty!


QNPoohBear said...

Happy Birthday dear Queen Victoria! I had my first Victoria sponge cake recently. The baker replaced the traditional whipped cream with buttercream which made it even more delicious. It's a recipe I'd like to try sometime. It looks so delicious in the the Great British Baking Show!

Marissa Doyle said...

Ooh, that sounds rich! I'd love to try it with whipped cream and strawberries, myself...