Friday, June 26, 2020

Discover More Regency Reads to Love, Courtesy of The Beau Monde

Marissa and I have posted in the past about our membership in The Beau Monde, a group devoted to writers of Regency-era fiction. Normally, we attend the annual meeting and conference every July. Because of COVID-19, The Beau Monde is hosting a virtual retreat today and tomorrow for its authors and other writers, with more than 200 expected. Wow! And that means a special treat for you too!

A number of authors will be showcasing their books in videos on The Beau Monde’s Facebook page on Friday and Saturday. More than a dozen authors will tell you about their latest and how to learn more about them. You may just find your next favorite!

And if you haven’t tried the Fortune’s Brides series yet, or you enjoyed it and would like to point others that direction, be aware that the first book in the series, Never Doubt a Duke, is free on major online retailers around the world through June 29.

I will so miss rooming with my dear Marissa on this conference, but I will take solace in the fact that we will at least see each other via the conference Zoom. 


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